Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shimmer today

Ugh..I hate losing! None of that today! Even with 4 hours of sleep I will awake the fight in me and like most of yesterday kick butt!

Interesting side note from yesterday:

As brought to my attention by a fan Bryce Remsburg looks just like Claudio Castagnoli...

And speaking of CC congratulations to The Kings of Wrestling for their epic match last night..kings reign supreme!


  1. Dread719: Oh come now losing only cam be to ur benefit it just helps to teach u to improve and be better next time around

  2. You may not have won but you put your heart so deeply into each performance and really give it your all that it makes any match you're involved in very, very exciting to watch. Can't be easy on four hours of sleep, either.

    Kings matches always seem to be epic... ROH and SHIMMER are the main reason I keep watching this crazy, wonderful stuff when other companies just aren't giving me a good reason.

  3. Come on Queenie, suck it up and get some more wins under your belt to add to that impressive record.