Wednesday, September 8, 2010


You stole my heart! I saw a ton of potential and  some really interesting characters…I also have not laughed that hard in a long time.


The good: Naomi, she is super athletic and really was the star of the night. Her in ring work in my opinion looked the most smooth out of all the girls..including the pros. Obviously she is still new but I think she could have a very bright future if she wants it. I’m looking forward to watching her grow.


I also really got a kick out of Caitlyn. She had great facial expressions and I thought her interactions with Vicki were very amusing….Vicki if you didn't know is my favorite Diva. 


The bad: Why are they always dancing? I’m not even talking about the awkward dance off with the horrible music…I’m talking about on the entrances and when they are just standing in the ring??? As a woman, that makes me instantly HATE them!


The Ugly: It would be easy for me to pick on the ring work so I will go in another direction…I found that some of the rookies resembled Diva they already have in appearance, demeanor and style. For me as a fan this is no good because you have a new girl that is unknown reminding you of an already established star they just look second rate.


I have this game I play it doesn't have a name but it really doesn't need one…..When I’m out and about I find fakes…Like in my Extreme fitness class one of the ladies looks just like Mama Corino so she is fake Mama Corino. Or Claudio insists Hero is the fake guy from Nickleback, one time I saw a fake Awesome Kong but then it turned out to really be her! You get the idea…So to me a few of the rookies looked like fakes and I don’t mean that as a bad or good so maybe it fits into the ugly???


Anyways those were my thoughts..I am really looking forward to the rest of the season, unfortunately I will be out of town and will probably miss next week but I will be gator gazing so be jealous! I will be back live in two weeks watching and discussing the show on twitter with @lagana, should be good times!


One last piece of business in the upcoming events category of my life……Facebook is on the horizon!


Hope everyone has a fantastic day!


  1. Naomi Night is amazing and as fast as lightning. She does moves that I associate with classic X Division and old, WCW cruiserweight matches more than with WWE Divas, or current WWE men, for that matter. I am really looking forward to her ring work for the rest of the show.

    AJ Lee is one of the cutest people I've ever seen, but we didn't really get to see enough of her substance for me to get a really good impression yet. What did you think of Primo as her pro? It seemed kind of random, to be honest, but I like Primo and they seem to have good chemistry so it's working out. And I like Caitlyn, too... she seems a natural at character work (even if I kept calling her Fake Velvet Sky all night, and Aksana was Fake Maryse for me) and will do well if she's even passable in the ring and is paired with people who can hide any flaw that come up.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the rest of the season!

  2. I hoped that they would go in a bit of a different direction with this NXT in terms of using it as a vehicle to beef up the diva's but looks like the creative mould isn't going to be broken soon.

    On the other hand it was good to see an all womens program this time round, would like to see more focus on wrestling, but hey, this is WWE were talking about. I'll watch it and take it for what it is, entertainment.

    I thought too that Naomi was the pick up the bunch, but maybe that's also because she is the least 'diva' like of the group.

    As for fakes, Aksana definetaly fake Maryse, Maxine perhaps a fake Melina, I thought Jaime looked like a cross between Velvet Sky and Angelina Love.

    As for segments like the dance-off, I think crap like that is degrading for one and cheapens the sport. I thought we were moving forward after the attitude era but with dumb segments like this the diva's seem to be still stuck there.

    Oh, and how are the Bella Twins considered Pros??

    Sorry if I'm over critical, even though you hate invasions angles, Shimmer invasion?

    As for gator gazing, is it going to watch alligators, or is that code for something I don't know about.

  3. Naomi was great, she's certainly charismatic, and the crowd seemed to get behind her by the end of the show so she's doing well already. I love the fluro attire too.

    I love how Vickie is like Caitlyn's over supportive, pushy mum. They interact really well together and make a fun team that I actually look forward to watching.

    On the downside, I can't help but wish that Aloisa was still on the show. All the girls are pretty model-esque girls (not that that's bad) and the fact that she's a 6'9" giant was enough to set her apart from the word go. Now all the girls are relatively similar in that respect. None of them have a stand out look.

  4. I think Naomi stands out!!!!

    Yes, I am going to watch alligators in their natural environment...the swamp! I can't wait.

    The Bella twins are on the side of one of WWE's big trucks...that sooo makes them pros.

    AJ I have heard a lot about but don't think we saw enough of her to really highlight her talents.

  5. LOL, that and them being backup dancers to snoop dog when he hosted b4 really highlighted their wrestling talents didnt it.

    Did u see any crocs when you came to Australia b4?

    I have a hunch that Aloisia will make an appearance on the show before the series is out.