Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Yeah all in one fabulous weekend!


A continuation of my ketchup blogs… get it….ketchup/catch up?


After a week at home it was time to get back into the swing of my world. That means catching up on workouts for the week, leaning up my diet ALOT and gearing up for a big weekend.


I got home Tuesday night after a very painless day of travel thanks to some classic All Japan Womens that kept me company. I know the time difference is only 3 hours but I was exhausted and couldn't wait to go to bed so I could sleep in.  

I didn’t disappoint and slept in the next morning but had to get a move on once awake because I had a packed day of Gym, tanning, grocery shopping and training. Or GTGT for all you Jersey Shore fans…I’m taking it to a new level!

Friday was ROH TV and I had a match with Reggie. I really love the experience and challenge of wrestling on TV and I wrestled Reggie a few years ago at OVW so I was extra excited to compete. The match went well and I was really happy to have the Kings and Hagadorn with me like. I must say we are the best unit in wrestling today hands down. The rest of the night went well and I got to support the Kings in their victory vs. Dark City Fight Club.

Saturday was a bit of a bur, I needed to finish up my workouts for the week which means I had to do two workouts before heading to the first of two shows. This is the time I started thanking the Starbucks gods…I will and did make it through with a huge smile and tons of energy thanks to 3 region blend.

At ROH I had a match vs. Jamila Croft the masked student of Daizee Haze and Delirious. I knew she had been trained well so I was looking forward to the match but I didn’t expect as much fight as she brought. I predict her having a very bright future in the world of wrestling.

Next it was off to JAPW. Here I was set to face Annie Social but the real story of the night was getting to meet LIger. I actually meet him years ago when he came and taught a class at the New Japan Dojo…I wasn’t sure he would remember me but I guess not a lot of girls get to train with him so lucky me he remembered. I was so flattered! He even watched my match and gave me some very nice compliments…. Yeah a total WOW moment.


I should just end the blog now…nothing else I can type can beat that but I will continue for those of you die hard Del Rey fans.


Onto Sunday…..and an afternoon of CHIKARA fun. I must admit I was disappointed in the outcome of my match but then watched the rest of the show and quickly had my spirits lifted. For anyone on the fence about whether or not to get this DVD when  Smart Mark releases it believe me you NEED this. 

With that this blog is done…I hope you have enjoyed the ketchup.

Oh I should briefly talk about the Dangerous Women of Wrestling show I was on this part Thursday…It was the most interesting locker room I have ever had the pleasure of being in. Tons of fun and from what I saw of the show WOW not the same WOW as the Liger thing but a totally different WOW.

Hope everyone had a safe Memorial day and ate as much god BBQ as I did :)


See ya,



  1. You shoulda stayed for the madness after Cide/Liger. It was def cool. You need to stop booking yourself after JAPW shows so we can corrupt you maam. Bah to you for being in such high demand.

  2. I thought I was the only person who watched AJW on flights. You should see the looks I get from my neighbors. Re: Manami Toyota: "Why is she wearing all those feathers?"

    I can bring you a few discs to Montreal if you'd like. I have more than I know what to do with.

  3. Nice going with Liger. I wanna see you main event the Tokyo Dome one of these days.

  4. I know I am lame...one of these days I will hang out!

    Hey John,

    That would be AWESOME! I was just looking through my stuff for some Manami matches and I couldn't find any.

    Can't wait to see you Saturday!!

  5. Dread719: Yeah it was a hell of a show. It was also really nice meeting u in person except u wouldnt take a picture with me u evil heel u. But my favorite moment was when Dreamer came out and I slapped him a high five I felt like a kid again.

  6. what did you do at a dwow show?!the greatest wrestler(male or female)at a dangerous women show,somehow i can`t see you there unless they are trying to seriously improve thier shows. P.S. did you and gi ho talk?(sorry, i had to ask)

  7. Dreed,

    I wouldn't take a picture with you? I don't remember being in one of those moods....


    I just hung out at the show and tried not to touch anything...j\k I did just hang around with the people I knew though and if I did meet gi Ho unfortunately I didn't know it.

  8. Congrats and good luck with the TNA event on July 3. Good National exposure.

  9. DREAD719: yeah u ask me for the 20 bucks I owed u for ROH big bang I said no then u told me a photo with u was 20 bucks ya sneak.

  10. oh lol I remember...you lost a bet!

  11. Dread719: only cause u had inside info.