Saturday, May 29, 2010


Finally a minute to write!


I don’t know where to start so much has happened since I last blogger. I guess I will start about my Week in California.


As you can assume it was amazing. I love love love the Bay Area..It is so beautiful and I got to enjoy some fantastic weather. My trip started with visiting my Grandmas which is always fun. Got caught up on all the family news and happenings and enjoyed some of grandmas cooking..YUM!


Next a day off!!! I ended up running all around town with my mom shopping and making the rounds to all my favorite shops. Then off to my sisters for dinner and the use of her condo’s gym facility. Spent to entire night chatting and keeping my sisters fiancé from watching Survivor but he took it like a champ…Note to self do not leave your mom and my sister with a bottle of wine while working out unless you are prepared to listen to venting and drive home :)


The next day was the day I was most looking forward to wedding dress shopping. I watch Say Yes to the Dress so I though I had a pretty good understanding of how this was going to work. Not so much…we picked dresses she tried them on and blah….they were ok but nothing great. We then broke for lunch and on our way home noticed a bridal shop and decided to stop in and see if they had time. This turned out to be THE place!! Al the dresses were gorgeous and we actually found THE ONE! It was just like on TV it was the perfect dress, my sister looked fantastic and felt fantastic and i actually got a little choked up. It was so moving…I had to get myself in check though and held back tears. ( I know mushy) After deciding on the dress and filling out all the papers we were heading home to meet with my dad.


I enjoyed a quick but nice visit with him then home. So exhausted but had to get home and pack for SoCal the next day.


Saturday My mom and me hit the road for AWS. We made great time and stopped for a little shopping on the way…I got an amazing pair of red shoes!

Arriving at Frank and Sons I meet all the girls and tried to help promote the show the next day. I did get to engage in some arm wrestling..yes I won but had to use two hands….my guy was strong….he later taught me a trick and now I cant wait to apply it!!!!


Finished up the promoting then onto training. Had a good turnout and a lot of fun. Not many notes here because I was so ready for bed.


The next day up and early back out for yes more shopping. Nothing good this trip besides Mimi’s cafe. Then off to the show!


I didn’t get to see much of the other matches but I can speak for mine and I thought it was great. I was really impressed with my opponent Christina Von Eerie and I think we put on a good show. I am really sad to see AWS closing…I have wrestled there since the beginning of my career and owe Bart such a huge thank you for giving me work and experience when no one else would. Anyone in the Southern California area should try to check out his last show! 


After the show it was back on the road heading home. I amazed myself and stayed awake the entire trip…thank you Starbucks!


After sleeping in as best I could one last trip out shopping…I don’t think I have shopped so much in all my life! Still exhausted I forced myself to do a little cardio but was interrupted by my sister and her fiancé arriving for dinner.  My heart wasn’t in it anyways so I was happy to see them. We then enjoyed a great dinner and just sat around talking.


My heart really wanted to stay up and watch some Real Housewife's with my sister but my body and mind were saying HECK NO. So after falling asleep in a chair I decided to go to bed.


I guess that is it for happenings on my trip home. The next day I just woke up, worked out and went to the airport. Slept most of the flight home and was happy to see beautiful Philadelphia 7 hours later.

This has turned out to be ridiculously long so I will just have to catch you up on everything else another time!





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  1. Hi Sara,

    WOW! You could become an Executive Secretary once you retire from Wrestling. Glad you enjoyed California.

    Just reviewed Vol. 17 @ 18, very good.

    Have a good Memorial Day weekend.