Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello Saturday

What a beautiful morning…perfect for blog writing. I have the World Cup on in the background, coffee brewed and a new phone to mess with!!!

I am a happy girl…well more happy than normal…maybe..lets just say it’s not a morning I want to rush through.


So while I mentioned the World Cup I might as well speak a little on that. I NEVER watches soccer or Football if you want before but I must say I am really enjoying it. I usually catch all 3 games a day and even though I nap in the middle I have really been into it all. I think the commentators do a great job of explaining the backgrounds of each team and it makes me more interested in what's going on. Like I was really happy for Greece scoring a goal yesterday it’s not like the Olympics where I wanted the US to win just because they are the US…I can get behind the underdogs and it has been really exciting with some great upsets.


Another sport I NEVER watched before Basketball. I found myself super into the playoffs though and held my breath till the last minute of game seven like I am sure many people did. I was rooting for the Celtics though and guess I have a new team to watch next year!


HTC EVO- Now this is a phone! I am pretty sure I do not even know half of what it does yet but I am learning and will hopefully be a pro before next week…I can’t wait to see how it travels!


For those interested I started me Extreme Fitness class this past Thursday and it went well. I am not convinced it is Extreme though because the fitness level of the few who showed up was low but hopefully I will get them to the Extreme level!

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend and talk to you soon!




  1. Too bad the USA did not win their game. A goal was dis-allowed.Celtics blew it.Looking forward to watching CHIKARA in Taylor, Michigan on July, 26.


  2. So much for that rubber cover for our phone. lol. Maybe I can find one for the HTC for you.

    Can't wait to watch you kick butt at the ACW show! w00o0o0o!

  3. what kinds of things do you teach in class and how long is it?

  4. Yeah I have been looking for some sort of case for the new phone but haven't found anything I like yet. I got the Zagg screen protector but it was put on bad and got all gross :(

    The class is always different we do a lot of jumping and body weight exercises. Last week we used a exercise ladder.

  5. 3:41 am what are you an insomniac like me ?i`m lucky to get 3 hours a night.

  6. do you ever plan on doing any pro wrestling respect shows?i`m sure daizee and delerious`s students would love to have you in the locker room to talk to!(not to mention us fans :))

  7. ha no I am on the East Coast!

    I would love to do the Respect shows but my schedule has not allowed it as of yet but we are trying to work something out!

  8. Hey Sara,

    Love that your getting into my favorite sports Basketball. It whats been keeping me in shape for years. It is almost as exciting as watching wrestling. Im also glad to hear that things are going GREAT for you and hope they continue that way.


  9. Sara, I know you took part in the Iron 8 tournament on June 11, but I can't find the results of it anywhere. Can you help me out?