Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keeping my fingers crossed

Myspace has quickly become a major headache but after the advice of a knowledgeable twitterer I hopefully figured it out. If anyone is interested in contacting me here is the place to do it…or better yet Tweet me!

Some quick other notes:

Looking forward to ACW this Sunday

Looking forward to my first round match

Confused on how to train to fight a ninja

Hate Danielle from RHWNJ…might write to Bravo

Love my new phone still

Feel very connected and have mastered an acceptable amount of functions

Anyone know any cool apps?


Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!!




  1. You quit myspace? so sorry to hear Sara.. You should join facebook
    that's where I am and I even built you a cool fan page. Come and check it out. Apps?? May I suggest Mafia Wars? Me and Bobbi Billard are crazy about that game. :)

  2. I will for sure check out mafia wars thanks for the info and I am still deciding in facebook.

  3. I think as long as you have this site for blogging and Twitter, you don't need any other pages for friends and fans to follow you or get in touch with you.

    If you like music you might like Shazam for your phone. You can ID any songs you hear playing by having your phone listen to them.

  4. Enjoyed the third party customed artwork below; I find AIM to be a great phone application. Also, YPMobile [Yellow Pages] will use your phones GPS to locate numbers you need closeby. Helps for road trips or entertainment.

    As promised: http://i50.tinypic.com/29m1zs4.jpg

  5. Yeah I got Shazam but have not put it to use yet...I am so excited to see how entertaining my phone is on my flights this weekend!

    YPMobile sounds good I'll check that out,

    Thanks guys!

  6. love the new site look!maybe you could write a cook book with all the new recipes you talk about and start selling them at shows.

  7. Epicurious (recipe app), Mabilo Ringtones (free ringtones), ALOQA (info on local restaurants, movie times, atms, anything), Ebuddy (aim, yahoo, fbook messaging), TV.com, Listen, SMS to backup (saves texts to gmail automagically), Barcode scanner, Keyring (scans rewards cards like Borders), Flashlight, Easytether (use phone internet connection with your laptop)

    And signup for voice.google.com to to take advantage of google voicemail which sends you text transcripts and saves all the audio online.

  8. Hi Arthur,

    I have thought of the cookbook idea before but I don't know that I have enough recipes to fill an entire book. I will keep collecting though and maybe one day I'll have enough.

    Thanks for all the Apps John..I'll be sure to check them out!

  9. sara , mix in fitness tips and wrestling anecdotes(not sure i spelled that right)you would surely fill a book and sell more since it would show the results of "living fitness"!rather than just a healthy cooking book since there are tons of them and they have no treats or "goodies" and are unrealistic about how people realy eat.

  10. SHIMMER cookbook of worldwide recipes.

  11. Hi Sara,

    Nice new website. Do you now Prefer that Comments be made on your Twitter page rather than on your Blog page?

    Please advise.


  12. That sounds like it could be an entertaining book...I'll start collecting ideas and see what I come up with.

    you can leave messages wherever you want :)

  13. Thanks for using that wallpaper I made for you as your twitter background Sara, that's awesome! I tweeted at you. :-D

  14. No thank you I really really like it and wanted to use it for something cool :)