Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It’s come to my attention

That I have not taken the time to write out a what’s happening blog in a while.


So here it is…


Since we last spoke I participated in Pro-wrestling's biggest tournament…that's right KING OF TRIOS! I must say it was a fantastic three days of wrestling, something for everyone but usually CHIKARA delivers on that. Night one saw my brothers in the Brudeschaft victorious over my team and I must say I am not disappointed. I will not go on to spoil the results but lets just say that sure did kick off the tournament right. Night three saw Daizee and myself takeout Incoherence…sure we didn't win…we actually got a little beat up, but coming out of that fight I assure you Incoherence will not  be 100% May 23rd @ Aniversario Elf!


Outside of wrestling I have been trying to cut back on TV. I have not watched Regis and Kelly, Wendy Williams or The View in two weeks! Well I watched the Hulk Hogan segment on The View on accident but that is wrestling related so I don’t really count it.


I have been keeping myself busy doing small projects round the house like re-organizing the posters on my wall. Way more fun than it sounds. I’ve also been working on some new gear and yes you guessed it making muffins! It is always my intention to bring some to share with people who ask but I can never keep them in the house long enough…or I don’t make enough. I for some reason don’t like making more than six at a time….but the other day I had house guests and made a batch of twelve…Eh, I just called myself out…how odd of me.


Training has been great this week. Last week not so much. I think I was sick…why do I think this and not know it??? I judge my sickness level on my nose and I have been using Affrin so my judgment has been off. Anyways last week I could not for the life of me get it together. Going to the grocery store was exhausting to me and that is usually a pump-me-up time. I did still go to the gym and get all my cardio in but it just felt a little half hearted…not like this week I have been pumped! It might have something to do with the weather..sunshine= :)


This week I also went to orientation for my group class. I am so excited I found a giant tire and the director is all stoked about my class too and wants me to do some tumbling type stuff.. I have so many ideas and fun workouts planned…. I hope I have a full class..I'll let you know June 14th!


Last bit of news\happenings…I finalized my trip home for this month! The major reason I am heading back to California is for AWS..the minor but still major is to go wedding dress shopping with my sister!  I don’t know what I am more excited for!!!!! I will start with the wrestling…Its been years since I have wrestled in SoCal and I have heard of but never meet my opponent so this should be a really fun trip! For anyone interested in coming check out the flyer :) Also Saturday the 15th at Frank and Sons collectables most of the girls including myself will be set up and selling 8x10’s promoting the event so come say hi.



On to wedding dress shopping….what can be said?? My sister is my best friend and I am so glad  that I can be with her through this. Seeing someone you love so happy is such a rich feeling I just can’t wait!!!!!!


That's it for now,




  1. Hi Sara,

    Who was the sponsor of KING OF TRIOS, and when did it take place.

    Take Care.

  2. There must have been someone contagious in The Arena because I got sick after I came back from Philly too.

  3. DREDD: Really looking forward to the Chikira show on the 23rd any Chance DANIELS will be there ?

  4. Sara,

    First of all. Super Congratulations to your sister and her future wedding. It must be such an exciting time your family. I seen Christina Von Eerie on a few PWG shows and she is pretty good. Not too sure if she can dodge the Death Ray though! When it gets ya, its gets ya. I wish you an amazing trip and hope your sis gets the dress she wants!!!!!


  5. Not sure about Daniels....check out chikarapro.com though I'm sure if hes scheduled he will be announced.

  6. Sara,

    Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the wonderful Sara Del Rey in person at Pro Wrestling Fan Fest. I was the guy who come to the table early in the day with glasses and grey Ecko shirt. You went to get change with the table vendor right next to you. Your an absolute class act in person and made my day!


  7. Thanks so much for coming out Anthony!

  8. Hi Sara,

    Congratulations on your victory over Awsome Kong at ROH in New York. As you indicated it was painful but at least it was victorios.One guy indicated that it was the greatest live match that he had ever seen.As usual a Class act by Sara Del Rey.

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  10. Hi Sara,

    I recently acquired a collectors edition of Volume 1&2. You and Martinez were unbelieveable in Volume 1. What a hell of a match. I think you would have kicked out before the count of 3. This match is as good as your match with Hamada in Volume 28, if not better.

    Welcome Home.

  11. Thanks I am glad to hear people still appreciate those matches.