Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Got Questions ???



  1. Hi Sara,

    Is your independence and athletic ability the reason you are not on WWE or TNA? Their script writers are pretty bad. Also, why did Lacey retire so young. Enjoy this weekend in the Big Apple.


  2. Hey Jim,

    I don't have a reason for not being in either promotion I wish I were. My guess is that I am not the typical model type and nothing else.

    This is just my opinion about why Lacey retired, like you said she was young and had other interests she wanted to pursue. She is such a talented girl that she can be successful in anything!

  3. Who would you say is your greatest opponent in the ring over the 8-9 years of your career?

    Your favorite wrestler (or wrestlers) to watch past or present? Your favorite matches that you have not been involved in?

    Who has been the biggest influence on your wrestling style? Is there any particular person you try to pattern yourself after or did you develop your style on your own under your different trainers?

    Your favorite tag team partner? (e.g., Mika Nishio, Amazing Kong, Allison Danger, Nikki Roxx, Daizee Haze)

    Have you ever wanted to be a trainer for some young girls entering wrestling? I couldn't imagine a better teacher.

  4. Hi Sara,

    What was your toughest match that you won,and good luck against Amazing Kong this weekend.

  5. Jon,

    Tough questions....My greatest opponents in terms of true greatness were Ayako Hamada, Kyoko Inoue and Manami Toyota.

    My favorite wrestles to watch from past and present always change just depending on what style I am currently watching. I go in phases right now I am watching the early days of Arsion and Candy Okutsu is blowing my mind.

    My favorite matches I have been involved in...that is super hard....I don't think I have an answer for that...I like matches for all different reasons and to just pick one would be impossible. In terms of fun I think I had the most FUN with Alicia from the title tournament.

    I do not try to patern myself after anyone. I watch tons of wrestling and try to pick things from everywhere to make me. All my trainers have obviously had huge influences on me too :)

    I don't have one tag partner I like more than the next I have actually had great fun with all those ladies mentioned.

    I would like to be a trainer if I had a group of really eager girls but I would go nuts-O if I had to train a few ho-hum girls. I fear I would be really tough and maybe not the best person for the job.

  6. Hi Sara!

    What was it like when your first broke into the biz?

    How many years did you work a regular job & wrestle on weekends?

    What was it like the day that you finally quit all jobs & were able to live strictly off your wrestling income?

    I'd imagine that day was pretty special to you, or anyone who turns their wrestling dreams into reality!

    Thanks for your time Sara, & keep up the great work!

  7. Who takes care of your cats when you are off wrestling? As a cat lover my Charlie boy tends to go a bit batty anytime I leave the house for more than 4 hours. (hence my lack of wrestling shows)

  8. Hi Sara,
    Was always wondering when you do the Royal Butterfly and you move 3 or 4 times with your opponent. Is that to showcase your strength, look more devastating or just position yourself in the center of the ring?

  9. Anonymous,

    It was tough I had guys like Mike Modest and Donovan Morgan training me and they were very much tough guys. You just kind of shut up and did what they said and I think that really toughened me up...Or it was Donovan threatening to put the boxing gloves on with me.

    I worked a regular job up until I moved to the East coast 3 years ago...Except when I was out of the country.

    I am not sure about the day but realizing wrestling would pay my rent was an awesome feeling.


    My cat is pretty cool about being left alone he just needs super attention when I get back!


    The hold before the actual throw for the Royal Butterfly is a submission so I am trying to wear my opponent down and then yes position myself so they are thrown in the center and have no chance to get to the ropes.

    Thanks for the questions guys!!!

  10. DREDD: Who would be a dream oppent for you? Here r a couple of examples for u Madusa & Undertaker

  11. EDDEN Asks: Why are you single? Is it cuz you havent met the right guy?

  12. Dredd,

    I would LOVE to wrestle Madusa that is a good one maybe not so much Undertaker. Add to the list, Aja Kong, Micki James, Eve Torres, Gail Kim (in singles), Angelina Love, Bull Nakano, Faby Apache (in singles), Johnny Saint and Princess Paula.


    Who says I'm single?? I just try to keep my personal life\relationships in private :)


  13. Dredd: I figured Taker Cause u sometimes work with guys. And figured what Challengethat would be for U. What about Beth Pheonix or Tara/Victoria?

  14. Did you ever buy the rubber cover for your cell phone? :-)

  15. Is Portia Perez a "muffin" lover?

    12 bucks says she is, Betting you saw Saturday Night Live with
    Betty White.. yes?

  16. Dredd,

    Yeah either would be cool,I'm a fan of both :)

    HI Matthew!!!!

    No I never did...My sister got the same phone too..now were a trio!


    Yes I do believe she is a muffin lover...I was going to make some for her but it never worked out. I did send her the recipe though.

    I missed SNL because I was in NY...was hoping it would be on demand soon otherwise I'm going to find it on Hulu or something..I heard it was great!


  17. Hey Sara,

    What Shimmer Volume was it that you won the first Shimmer Championship? Enjoy California.


  18. Dredd719: Who would u consider ur toughest or most difficult to work with oppoent also what is a regular workout routine for u ?

  19. Will you marry me?

    I would treat you right, Just thought how cool
    it would be to be married to the most awesome, most skilled and most attractive women's wrestler on the planet. :) Rowrrr!

    Charlie The Wonder Cat

  20. I hate to break it to you guys, but Sara is spoken for. She still has the Great Khali's ring.

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  22. Yer so wrong.. Sara's still single and availible.

  23. "Singh married Harminder Kaur on 27 February 2002."
    From Khali's wikipedia.. Shows what you know Jon.

  24. Hi Sara,

    I found out that you won the first Shimmer Championship in Vol.12. I will add it to my Shimmer library.


  25. What do you think about WSU and do think you will work for them now that you tag team partner Daizee has joined their roster ?

  26. What are the top five most influential books you've ever read?

  27. Yeah, sorry I can not marry anyone I am spoken for!

    As for the most difficult person to work with...I don't really have an answer for every opponent presents a challenge for me one way or another.

    I do not see me working for WSU anytime in the near future my schedule is pretty full and have not spoken to them in a while....maybe someday it will work out though.

  28. Hi Sara,

    What is it like working in shimmer?


  29. Its great! An amazing accumulation of talented females..AAOTF as I like to say....

  30. Dread719: Would u ever consider doing a movie if offered or stunt work ?

  31. dennis from bostonMay 26, 2010 at 12:46 AM

    where is that manchester nh. show being held again i know it had an odd name?? dennis from boston

  32. Dreed,

    If offered I would but t is not something I am interested in pursuing yet.


    I am not sure what show you are talking about....

  33. dennis from boston iron girls manchester nh. on june 11

  34. Dread719: What was ur best & Match in ur career ?

  35. Dread719: sorry i meant to ass Worst also

  36. No, You are single.. If you weren't you'd have no need for an Amazon wish list when a significant other could just buy you all of those things.