Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hey all,


Just wanted to re assure you I have not dropped off the face of the earth. Fortunately I have been really busy…unfortunately you don’t get to hear about it yet.


I will be posting a full blown blog ASAP but for now I leave you with my baby boy…I swear he is happy to see meCIMG1612


  1. Dredd719: Never really liked cats more of a dog Person really.

  2. I so don't get how anyone could not like cats (besides allergies). But I guess I should be more understanding because I am not a dog person at all.

  3. Hey Sara,

    I had a cat once, but my late Wife spoiled him too much for me to handle. I gave him to my Daughter because she has 2 dogs & 2cats. He now is in cat heaven.


  4. my cat shadow was a starving stray(ribs and hips sticking out) she is now a BIG FAT lazy loving ball of mush!she has no fear of my adopted pit bull(she was a bait dog some scumbag had her tied up and sent other dogs to attack her)or my 180 pound fila mastiff. both of my dogs are aggresive to other people and animals , but they adore our cat shadow and even let her sleep within thier paws when they are sleeping!how many cats do you have?

  5. Dredd719: well its not that i dont like cats i just prefer dogs i have 2 jack russelles at home and i love them ta death Cats well im allergic to them. Why dont u like dogs ?

  6. I have two cats. One here and one back home in California....both super fat and cute.

    Well actually when my mom came to visit last year my sister misunderstood my moms feeding instructions and my California cat when on a diet and dropped like 10 lbs. Now he is a bag of bones but I still love him.

    Dogs are to much like people...I don't like things that require that much attention.