Friday, November 11, 2011


This morning did not hold a ton of promise for a good day.

While preparing breakfast my cat puked three times each time including more stomach know what I'm saying (so hard to get out of the carpet).

Next I go to bring the trash canister in to find that the garbage man did NOT pick it up and instead a band of reckless and  probably rabid animals tore it apart. So I spent the next few minutes collecting trash.

With no hopes of the day getting better I get the news below!

My my how things change....

Aja was the first girl I saw be a brute in the ring, she inspired, motivated and drove me to be what I am today.

To say I am excited would be a understatement.

Joshimania could be the last thing I do in wrestling and I would be happy all thanks to this.

Don't get excited I'm not retiring or anything just saying this is BIG to me.

If you ever had a dream you thought you could never realize come to Philadelphia!

If you ever though something was out of reach come to Philadelphia!

If you work hard and never though it would pay off come to Philadelphia!


Support me and see a dream realized!


  1. I'll be there, front row. I am so happy right now...

    Now, can the match live up to the hype? I imagine the answer will be "YES".

  2. Sara

    happy B-day hope you have a blast on your day!! party it up!!!

  3. Well what a night for you last night in the ring you looked AWESOME you have not miss a step in the ring.

    Again hope you had a AWESOME B-Day and share it with your love ones hold them close too you they are the most special people in the world!Always tell they how much you love them because tomorrow is never giving to us!

  4. Happy (late) B-Day SDR from Italy.
    And congratulation for realising your dream.
    Sad me, I'll not be there for the event, but I'm sure I'll hear the Clash of the Titans from here too.

  5. you go girl dennis from boston