Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I made it! 30 plus hours of travel but all in all not bad. I watched so many movies as you can imagine...Did anyone else think Red Riding Hood was weird?

I guess I should shower and try to sleep or adjust to the time change since it's 3 am here but i have this mad energy. Maybe it was the delicious Dubai coffee I have been drinking for the past 2 days. On my layover I figured I would get a cup too then the guy told em it would be 8 bucks American and I had to look a fool and just walk away. I'm sure he understood.

I can't wait to see what this city has to offer!

Talk to you all soon!



  1. thing are much more money out side of the states get some rest and remember that fans back here are pulling for you have fun and come back home safe put it down for U.S.

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  3. 8 bucks for a coffee? I know the American dollars taken a nosedive but that coffee must have had some gold beans or something.

  4. The airport is famous for its duty-free shopping . However, prices in the airport's duty-free stores are equal or higher than what you can find in the many malls of the city.

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