Monday, November 7, 2011


December 4, 2011

The Highline Ballroom
431 W. 16th Street in Manhattan, NY

Belltime = 4:00 PM : : Doors = 3:00 PM



  1. SDR: Is there any chance that you'll wrestle at a WSU show anytime soon? You're one of six current Shimmer wrestlers who I'd like to meet and see wrestle who I haven't already. Also there's a convention on 12/3 in Philly where "ArenaChicks" are appearing. Can you be there as part of that convention? It'd be cool to meet you. ... Last question: Do you still have any copies of the Japan Tour DVD from a few years back? Thanks, Dave

  2. I am not in talks with WSU so I don't see that happening soon. I will no be in the Philadelphia area the date of that convention so we will have to meet another time. I do still have copies of the Japan DVD. If you just order one of the other titles and note in the comments you want the Japan one I'll send it!

  3. Hi Sara... Thanks for your reply. I have two of the DVDs that I ordered from you in late 2010 or early 2011. Pretty sure you have a third one listed now. Should I order the new one and put 2 for quantity and a note to substitute the second copy with the Japan DVD? ... Also is it true that your dad is Jimmy Del Ray even though the spelling of his last name is different? Kidding. Thanks, Dave

  4. Dave,

    I didn't receive any orders yesterday. Are you sure it went through?

  5. Hi Sara,
    I just wanted to clarify one thing before ordering. Out of the DVDs you have listed, I need one of the three still (I have the other two). So if my goal is to buy one of the DVDs listed plus the Japan Tour DVD, should I order 2 DVDs that are listed and put a note to substitute with the Japan Tour DVD? Thanks, Dave

  6. Dave, I bought the Japan DVD recently too. Buying 2 DVD's and putting in a note/comment about exactly which DVD's you want will do the trick.

    BTW, that Japan DVD is great. You'll enjoy it.

  7. Yes just make a note of what DVD you actually want

  8. Thans to both of you! I'll get this in asap.