Thursday, April 21, 2011


Women’s wrestling still exists in today’s mainstream shows, but what passes for female grappling these days is usually more about eye candy than athleticism. Recently, however, a new indie promotion has emerged to help remind fans what women’s wrestling is really all about.
With its first DVD release, ArenaChicks, Volume 1, ArenaChicks features some of the top talent in underground female wrestling. Filmed in conjunction with the Carolina Wrestling Federation Mid-Atlantic shows in Burlington, N.C., the seven matches included on the first ArenaChicks DVD are from different shows, but form one cohesive collection.
With ArenaChicks executive producer Amber O’Neal providing commentary alongside Amber Gertner (best known for her interview segments for Shimmer Women Athletes wrestling), this DVD includes talents such as Allison Danger, Sara Del Rey, Angel Orsini and others previously seen in Shimmer, Women Superstars Uncensored and other prominent indies. And while match-ups such as Del Rey vs. Danger and Orsini vs. Jessica Havok are impressively hard-hitting bouts, it’s the intergender tag match pitting O’Neal and Chiva Kid against Kellie Skater and Coach Gemini (aka CWF Mid-Atlantic’s Gemini Kid) that proves the ArenaChicks are just as tough as their male counterparts.
The main event also features teams of male and female combatants doing battle in The Dating Game Match, where the winners get to go on a date together. Sure, it’s silly, but the match is great and the actual date is included as a bonus feature. Another bonus match is an eight-woman tag match featuring the likes of O’Neal, Danger, Persephone, Becky Bayless (aka Total Nonstop Action’s Cookie) and Talia Madison (aka TNA’s Velvet Sky), to honor the late Sherri Martel.
ArenaChicks will also be appearing at the Cape Fear Tattoo and Arts Expo April 29-May 1, filming matches for their second DVD on April 30 with former WWE and TNA star Shelly Martinez as guest referee. And this weekend, Cookie will be making an ArenaChicks appearance as a guest bartender alongside O’Neal at Lucky’s Tavern in Jacksonville, N.C.

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  1. I love ArenaChicks so many huge stars on there that are fun to watch