Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where to start

I should go in order of my career but I am in a wacky mood so I will start with Mexico. Feel free to ask questions or request photos. I have a TON of action shots but here are some of my favorites….


IMG_1596 AA wall shot wb  My first mask! Nice hair right????

 DSC03077 The mask was not a huge help as you can see!


DSC02796 But still kicking you know what,


LLF 3.8.06 First exposure to a Diva.

DSC06961 Yes I won it…No I didn't bring it back home with me.

DSC01391 What became family!


And there it is..my time in Mexico, hope you enjoyed!!!




  1. great pics! realy like the one with jackie, you look about 8 feet tall!

  2. Nice story and pictures you have there.

    Thanks for letting me tag along the other night after VCW. I just uploaded the pictures from the event. The site is linked with my name above.

    Take care! Hope to see you back in VA someday soon.

  3. Awesome mask! It makes you look sort of like Captain America--which is a big compliment from a comics nerd like me, by the way. Does the mask have any advantages or disadvantages, other than the obvious possibility of having it slip and obscure your vision? I mean, like, does it help you get into a character more fully or anything. I've read that in several anthropological articles about lucha libre, but that might just be because masked wrestling is so deeply ingrained in Mexican culture or something, and the same effect might not hold for an American...

  4. Hi Sara,

    Nice Pics. Any pics of you and Sarah Stock or Mercedes Martinez while you were in Mexico.

  5. Cool photos, Did u give that Diva a good ass kicking??

  6. Seems like Mexico is not a good place for "Angels". Both American Angel and Dark Angel lost their masks there :P

    Awesome pics, by the way.

    Cheers from Greece.

  7. I didn't even realize how Giant I looked in that picture..I would like to say it is just the perspective but I am a tall girl and she is a short one.


    Thank you for everything on Saturday! The pictures are great too :)

    The mask did have disadvantages..it takes away all facials so you have to sell more with your body. Also my mask was super tight so it would give me headache..it was brutal when we went for public appearances. I would have a star imprinted on my forehead for hours after. The pros to having the mask were it really is like transforming yourself. It is much easier to be a character because you feel like you have something to hide behind.

    I do have some wrestling Sarah Stock, Ariel, Simply Luscious, Nikki Roxx and Portia Perez no Mercedes though!

    I did not kick Jackie's butt...she was so nice we ended up teaming :)

    Yes but Mexico is a GREAT place to loose your mask!

  8. Interesting answer, thank you for it. Very similar to what I've read about the luchadores. The star imprint thing does remind me of a too tight set of head gear I wore for folkstyle once, with a little logo inside the headband... my forehead looked like I had rented it to the Everlast company the next day at school. Funny in retrospect but... not so much, then.

  9. Looking forward to the next installment in the series :-)

  10. i recognize ariel,joe lider, lady apache, la nazi,sirenita,dark angel, oh good memories

  11. Hi Sara,

    Who is the wrestler in red in Pic 5?