Friday, August 6, 2010

Let’s visit my start

APW…What can I say? Great memories and a terrific place to learn wrestling!


apw3 Seriously what was I thinking with that hair????

Bak7 1.21.06 Ouch!!

Bak3 1.21.06 This really needs a caption….

cf3.1 Stoked to be back

mel_sara After a few years away APW fans got to see their two girls go at it again!

10.22.SDR.puma7 Facing Puma..Not sure why I wore the mask….


Hope you enjoy!


  1. You look awesome in all pictures.
    When were they taken?e

    Also, in the picture that needs caption, I would suggest something like "Wanna dance?" or "I caught a fish sooooo big" or somethin' like that.

    Cheers from Greece,

  2. I love the outfit in picture one, and picture two in general. Either such a great 'ow!' expression, or an equally good 'oy vey...' one. Interesting hold, too; legs are positioned like an inverted Indian death lock, but she's using her hands instead of her feet to hold it. Looks sort of like a Scorpion Death Lock coming from the other side, or something.

  3. Great pictures, Sara. To answer MrPixie's question, the first picture is probably from Pro-Wrestling IRON based on her hair + entrance jacket.

    Pictures 4 and 5 are from ChickFight III.

    Pictures 3 and 4 look to be from the no time limit falls count anywhere rematch they had following ChickFight III.

    ^ Sara shows off her sensitive side in that last match as she shoves a little kid out of the way and tries to run Melissa over with a car. :)

  4. Sorry, I meant pictures 2 and 3 for 1/28/06.

  5. I was mistaken. The pictures 2 and 3 are actually from the first rematch after ChickFight III (same outfits).

    American Angel vs. Puma is from 10/22/05 but I don't know of any video of it.

  6. caption for pic#3-disco night at apw!

  7. Sweetness Jon you are on it! That is far more than I knew :)

  8. Just saw kapo kick and german suplex combo on Kong from you and Daizee, looked sweet!!