Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday morning is here

I have a full day ahead of me and should be sleeping but my head is awake so I must follow.


I am exhausted so if this blog is different or off a little please just chalk it up to lack of sleep. Why so tired you ask??? Living the dream, wrestling, traveling and training.


Wednesday morning I boarded a plane to Mexico, after about 9 hours of travel I was in Mexico City meeting up with the promoter and staff for IWL (Independent Wrestling League). The trip was fantastic, match went well and I had the best time/experience I have ever had in Mexico. I lived there and had a lot of good times so that is a bold statement but true! The entire show was good and the main with El Generico vs. Blue Demon was fantastic. My match was so easy I was able to work on my contortion and wrestling with my eyes closed…..47678_430488720757_361743680757_4872684_282653_n 46934_430488745757_361743680757_4872686_6587749_n


A big thank you to everyone who came out and supported the show and the staff of IWL for working so hard, I can’t wait to return!


Friday morning after enjoying the perks of Generico’s elite status with US airways I was heading home…well to CHIKARA for night one of Young Lions Cup.


Though I was running late I made time to stop at Starbucks and get my fuel for the rest of the evening and man did I need that. For those of you who don't follow (you should) Daizee and I faced Quackensaw, probably CHIKARAS best outside of BDK. I would say or biggest match so far in terms of importance and to no surprise at least to me we pulled out the win!!!! I NEVER look forward to seeing my matches back but this one I must admit I am curious about and I hope you are too!


Saturday came and I was on auto pilot, I didn’t have time to catch up on my sleep because I needed to catch up on my workouts. So bright and early I was at the gym doing my thing. I was able to get a great workout in and felt great and ready to tackle the day. I accomplished so much before heading to Indygirlz I was actually proud of myself.  That might be a little of the sleep deprivation kicking in but whatever I was happy and doing stuff. I was able to not only workout but do laundry, grocery shop, clean the house, catch up on all my emails, cook all my road food and tan before 3…I know..WOW!


After a short trip to Nj, I was ready for some more wrestling and wrestling I did….instead of the advertised singles match between Sumi Sakai and myself the fans were treated to a 3 way featuring us and Mercedes Martinez! Even with the addition of an opponent I was able to “steal “ the win…Gosh, I AM the Queen of wrestling!!!


3 down and one more to go before I head to California to relax in the sun. This afternoon is the finals to CHIKARA’s 8th annual YLC and my money is on LInce for anyone wondering.


So there it is…my weekend..hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed doing it!


See you!


  1. Wow, that is really the definition of a "super active life". I guess it is impossible to get bored if you are Sara Del Rey.

    Cheers from Greece,

  2. i just saw your match with ayumi kurihara on shimmer volume 31 and it was awesome. wow you sure worked on that arm lol. just one question who do you hope to face next month at shimmer? i would like to see you against jessica james seeing as how your match with tenille made her a star lol

  3. To the Queen 0f Wrestling. Keep up the hard work, you will be in great shape for the SHIMMER Tournament. Volume 31 was a good one. My tickets have been taken care of.

  4. Hi SDR. On your upcoming schedule, you have 9/25 JAPW. On 9/25, that's the TNA house show that JAPW his helping to promote. Will you be on that TNA house show?

  5. I am glad that you had a good time in Mexico and I imagine that the match between El Generico and the Blue Demon was really amazing... I always enjoy Generico's work whenever I get to watch it. I always love reading about your adventures in wrestling because hearing about someone living her dream is always inspiring!

  6. To tell you the truth those tag titles at SHIMMER are looking pretty attractive...I don't care who I face the results will be the showing why I am the Queen of wrestling!

    Hey Djarahway,

    I really don't know..I have JAPW written on my schedule but since they don't have a show that day it is possible they hooked me up with TNA again.

    Glad you enjoy the adventures!!!!

  7. I would kill to see Daizee Haze and yourself grab the SHIMMER Tag Team belts. Make it happen! :)

    I hope the three-way is available on ClickWrestle down the line. I haven't seem Sumie Sakai wrestle in so long. She's always fun to watch.

    Your trip to Mexico sounded like real fun. Any plans to head over Europe way? England more specifically..


    Also; in RESPECT magazine (from you're featured as our Wrestler in the Spotlight.

  8. Hi Darren08

    I really do want to come back to Europe but have not been contacted by any promoters and don't know any I could contact. I will for sure make it a goal of mine to come back though!!!!!

    That magazine is awesome...Kudos!

  9. Go Queen Death Rey, maybe u can make a crown and robe as part of your ensemble. If you are doing another TNA match hopefully you'll get ur revenge against Angelina Love.

    Also, what sort of food do u usually make up for road-trips?