Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No Pictures just words!

I figured it was about time to drop some words of wisdom (or ramblings) on you…


AHHH where to start???? I have had the last two weekends off of wrestling and probably should have done something productive but instead I chose to sit around and catch up on my TV. NO, not the entire time I was productive a little…cleaning, laundry, training, oil change, breakfast buffet…wait what??? Yeah that will get discussed in great length later!


While catching up on TV I found a few new shows that I really like… First up American Pickers! This is a show on the History channel, I caught while watching some Pawn Stars. It’s about two dudes that look through peoples crap for antiques…I am not sure what I like so much about the show..I sit in awe of these people that keep so much crap. I am the direct opposite of a pack rat and would go NUTS if I lived near one of these picking sites. I found myself super entertained and recommend it to you. 


Next Flipping Out, Yes Bravo you have done it again! I love me some Jeff Lewis (I do wish he didn’t do that to his upper lip but I won’t hold it against him). I feel I would be a great assistant for him and maybe after my wrestling career is over I will go apply.


Those are my newbies added to my already impressive line up of Top Chef, Project Runway, Real housewife's, Rachel Zoe, Cupcake wars, Cake Boss, Pawn Stars and WWE programming. 


Now lets get into this Breakfast Buffet….Shady Maples is the place (an Amish smorgasbord) and eating was the name of the game! First Let me say I am still upset with Chris Hero for introducing this into my life, not a day has passed since going that I have not thought about returning. This place had it all…Omelet station, Pancake station with sweet potato, multi grain and regular pancake options with fillings and topping such as fruit and my personal favorite white choc chips, choc chips, cinnamon chips and YES peanut butter chips! They had breads, quiche, potatoes, cereal, fresh fruit, cookies, whoopee pies, cinnamon rolls,  doughnuts..I could go on and on. one word A_M_A_Z_I_N_G! I am already making plans for my birthday in November to be spent there!


After indulging I really stepped my workouts up and killed my cardio…I almost feel normal again but it was sooo worth it! After that I was pretty bored with my diet so I switched some stuff around to enjoy my healthy life again. I created this pretty good blueberry, chocolate spinach morning shake and decided I need more peppers and onions in my life. Everything is back on track and I am looking forward to getting back to work this weekend.


I guess many of you heard Adam Pearce has left ROH and is being replaced by Delirious as head booker. This came as a total surprise to me and many others but I am really excited for the change and I have seen how dedicated Delirious is to the school and the promotion so I don’t doubt good things will come of this! Hope you all are as excited as me!!!!!!!


That's all for today, hope you have a good one!


  1. What's a whoopie pie?

  2. That breakfast buffet sounds like heaven... we don't have anything like that for breakfast around where I live, but there is a wonderful Indian buffet (where I have basically lived since 2005) called the Bombay Central... when you walk in the smell of curry just overwhelms you and it's so, so wonderful... if you ever end up in east GA or in SC you ought to look it up, if you like Indian food at all!

    What sort of training do you like, and do you prefer steady state or interval/short burst cardio?

  3. I didn't try one but it looked basically like a Oreo cakester. I think they are a Pennsylvania thing.

    I am not sure I have ever had Indian food but I would be down to try especially buffet!

    I prefer interval training because it seems to go by quicker

  4. Ok, next question, whats an Oreo cakester lol, I'm guessing like an Oreo on steroids? Oh, and whats ur thoughts on current WWE programming? Do you think they may sign Kong, or was it just rumors?

  5. Indian is great... kind of spicy, but not a chili based, bitter spicy (well, except for food from Madras), like Mexican food can be, but more of a warm, ginger/cumin spiciness. I suggest starting with chicken tikka masala, which is super tasty.

    I agree about interval training... steady state bores me to death and doesn't seem to do a whole lot for me. About how long do you like to spend on cardio vs. main training time?

  6. Hey Sara,

    I am glad you had a chance to chill out and enjoy. I was at a Conference that also included Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Buffets. You would have loved the Salmon. Casino Gambling was the dessert. I hope every thing works out at ROH.

  7. Oreo cackster is an oreo but instead of being a hard cookie it is a cake. I haven't had one so I am not sure of the difference besides visually.

    I don't think they are open minded enough to get Kong even thought I pray they do. Currently the programming is ok, I'm happy to see Bryan back!

    I don't like spicy but that chicken sounds good!

    I usually do 30-45 min cardio and my lifting usually takes about 30 min.

    I am really looking forward to ROH today, hope everything works out too!

  8. I dont think so either unfortunately, but wouldn't it be great if there was an invasion angle with girls like Kong, Hamada, Daizee and of course Death Rey. I really think most fans are bored with ex cheerleaders being trained up as wrestlers. I was watching some old WWF & Japan matches with Dump Matsumoto the other day, those were the days.

    It was good to see Bryan back, I wonder if his firing was a shoot or not.

    All the best for the week ahead!

  9. That's a pretty impressive workout schedule! I stand in awe and would tip my hat if I ever wore one :) Have you ever used a cardio/GPP device called the Prowler or Prowler II? If you haven't, it's a one person, plate loaded pushing sled, and a few sprints with it will definitely make you hate life for a few minutes... that that is, of course, the measure of a good workout, ha.

  10. I HATE invasion angles..but I know what you mean :)

    I don't care either way I am just glad he is back on my TV!

    That Sled sounds awesome..I have never heard or seen it before!

  11. You can find one at amazon or ElitFTS, along with all kind of other cool stuff developed by those madmen Louie Simmons and Dave Tate. Not too expensive either, thank goodness, or a poor seminarian like me sure wouldn't have one, hehe. Between sled pushing and a couple hundred Hindu squats at the end of a leg workout (I love Hindu squats!) my quads are so fried that I always feel like I'm walking around on a pair of egg rolls ^_^