Thursday, January 14, 2010

You can make my dreams come true!


Last night I was deep in sleep having a wonderful dream that I got a ton of stuff off my wishlist. This was a nice change of pace in the dream world because recently I have been having some WILD dreams.

My mom thinks it’s because I eat mushrooms to late at night…No not magic mushrooms just the plain, old, delicious grocery store kind!


If your interested in keeping me smiling click the picture and go nuts!

**** Sometimes things are so far away they are not as present on your mind as they should be.

I woke up this morning really had this dream and blogged about it.

While at the gym I though what would really put a smile on my face would be if everyone who could help would help with the tragedy in Haiti. So do all you can and keep the friends, family and citizens effected in your prayers.


  1. your smile is your most beautiful feature.. well that along with your awesome drool worthy body definition too. Here's a cyber smile for you :-)

  2. If I order something don't I at least get
    something back?? Like I dunno match worn clothing
    or a smoke and a pancake?

  3. I already donated to the Red Cross for Haiti, but your smile, Sara, is simply irresistible.

  4. Jagged Jack,

    I actually do have some gear I am getting rid of and wold be willing to make a trade of sorts with you....

  5. Dreams are the best (especially when the "good" ones come true)!! A friend and I went to this fancy restaurant (inside a mansion, no less!!) where they were donating 100% of the food and drink sales, to the Red Cross, for Haitian relief. Though I felt terribly guilty for enjoying a lavish Spanish dinner (complete with much alcohol consumption!) while other people can't even get water to drink, it felt good to know that the absurd tab we racked up was going towards helping others. There was a really good atmosphere and spirit in the restaurant, and the cuisine is awesome enough that you, Sara, would indeed be jealous! HAha!!

    Aside from that, I have a ton of "WILD" dreams all of the time...and many, many have come true (which is really wild...kind of like being psychic)!! Anyways, I had a dream (several months ago) where I was reffing a SHIMMER show. Somewhere along the way, you threw a fit and started attacking the refs. I was powerbombed (almost out of the ring!) and you punched PJ Drummond out...but when you went to running boot Bryce, he no sold it and started fighting back!! Though I was face down "playing dead," I could still see what was happening (from that dream-like, "outside observer" point-of-view); it was awesome and hilarious!!

    P.S. Please don't hurt Bryce the next time you see him!! HA! "Kayfabe."