Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blog talk with Sara Del Rey

This week has been a learning one.

I am super proud of myself I have been doing much more on the computer than I EVER have. I learned how to download music and put it on my IPOD!!! This is a huge step for me and I am so excited…Not only do I feel proud and accomplished I have fun new music for the gym. The other day during cardio I even stopped watching the TV and listened to my music. My new favorite song is Be Italian by Fergie from Nine it is AWESOME. Other songs I really enjoy working out to are Tic ToK by Ke$ha, Evacuate the Dance floor by Cascada, One Time by Justin Beiber (I know I know) and 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton! i wan to go to the gym now so I can hear them..Why don’t I just play them as I type??? Saved by the bell is on!!!!


This week also saw me working on some sewing projects…for those of you who didn’t know I am an armature sewer. You maybe have seen some of my work in the wrestling ring..IMG_4622.

  Yeah that's right I make most of my own gear. No, I will not make any for you! Like I said I am just an armature…

  This was one of my first pieces!

  This picture actually serves double duty in this blog…Last month I was featured in a very cool article for a VERY interesting English Magazine Filament “The Thinking Women's Crumpet”. This picture was featured on a full page and my lame you know what didn’t tell them to credit the source :(.  So big props to Kelly Kyle the man the myth.. You may not be as coordinated as Steve the Turtle Weiner but you take amazing pictures!

  Thank You!


  So if you follow me on Twitter you will have known I already broke one of my New Years resolutions :(  I knowingly did it too…I was on the phone with a customer service representative and I had no other words for the situation…Let me explain and if you could come up with an alternative I would love to here it.

OK, So I was the lucky/fortunate recipient of an item off my wish list, an awesome pair of wrestling shoes that I desperately needed. They came and were beautiful but were a little to small..this was very strange because every pair of wrestling shoes I have ever owned were the same size. Granted these were the nicest pair I have ever had but that should not effect the size right??? Anyways I so desperately wanted them to fit..I walked around the house in them for a week hoping they would stretch but they did not. I called the company and asked if I could exchange them and they told me they only do refunds…after explaining this was a gift they assured me If I sent them back with a note they would send me a gift certificate so I could get the right size. I did this and waited..and waited.. and waited..and called.. and was told to wait some more. So I waited..and waited..and waited.. and called again and was now told that they credited the purchaser back. I could not say anything else but “that sucks”! I actually thought about it for a good 30 seconds too and nothing else was fitting.

* A little side note to whoever send the gift.. Thank you it was not returned because I was a jerk and did not like or appreciate it, it was the incompetence of Fogdog*

If anyone has any tips or better phrases I really wish to eliminate the above mentioned from my vocabulary so please share.

My other resolutions are going well, I am starting a new wrestling project that has me excited and interested. I would also consider it a semi hobby..I’m still searching.

I have been keeping in better contact with the people I love, still needs work but I am better and my Faith is growing stronger everyday. I am pretty proud of the way 2010 has started and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds. Saturday as if you didn’t know Is Jersey All Pro in Rahway..Back by popular demand…SDRDVD_72dpi


Not available online (yet). Will have a limited amount in Rahway!

Sunday I will be in Annapolis, Maryland @ the Boy’s and Girl’s club for Adrenaline Championship Wrestling and will also have the DVD’s available.

Hope to see you this weekend!




  1. So you created that outfit? WOW!!! I have to say I really loved the shorts and top combos you'd been wearing lately. I don't lie when I say that you got even more beautiful and stunning than the last I'd seen you wrestle. It truly shows a very tough and sexy side of you I think without overdoing the "Sexy" parts.

    It's no problem Sara.. I hope to make it up to you buying everything
    you have at the merch table next I see you along with that "special
    pic" I wanted.

    By the way can you get some more black t-shirts?? I am thinking.. I like
    it so much I might just buy the shirt online before the show to wear it just
    for you.. What do you say Miss Sara?

  2. Well thank you!

    I totally get that women are attractive to men but the wrestling business has really soured to the notion that girls have to be sexy. No!! I am just me I don't need my junk falling out to get peoples attention but if people think that on their own that is nice. I do appreciate your compliment :)

    My next shirt batch will be black I promise!

  3. I must agree, the ring attires you have been rockin' are pretty freakin awesome! Am personally it's much sexier then a woman wrestler running around the ring in lingerie.

    And trust one enjoys their junk falling out!

    And i gotta make it out to see you when you come to Jersey in Feb!

  4. Rene from New OrleansJanuary 27, 2010 at 9:32 AM

    The photo actually makes you look washed out.. too much white background can do that as your face is hard to make it. photo retouching could fix that tough. not exactly a very good photo of you in my honest professional opinion as it needs editing.

  5. Instead of "that sucks" how about "that is most unfortunate"? Sounds real classy right?

  6. That is what I like about the picture..I think it is a cool effect.

    That does sound classy ...I am so using it!

    Thanks for the responses

  7. it's not a cool effect. it's a rather lousy one. I am a expert photo retoucher. You can't recognize shabby work that is your problem not mine. lol.

  8. Am inclined to agree.. You're awesome but the SHIMMER photographs you take are WAY better than that. way better.