Sunday, January 3, 2010


What a year… I can’t believe it is over!


Looking back on the year it seems to have been on fast forward…I wish I had a better memory because with the time passing so fast I have trouble keeping straight all of what happened in 09.

I would love to do a “My year in review” blog but I know I will forget stuff and a lot of great things have happened I could not possible list them all. I do know heading into 2010 I am happy and healthy and so is my family so I really could not ask for anything else.

I was able to go home for Christmas and visit with my family and meet my new niece Ava Lynn..she is gorgeous035! Such a good baby too, my sister informed me that was just a front but I love her the same no matter how she acts. I tried to get some good pictures of my 2 year old nephew too but he was not putting on a front..he was having none of it! I can’t be mad though because I too do not like to be disturbed while watching TV.057 013I managed to get a good one a few days later while tort..I mean loving his pup Bitsy.

Man I love those kids!!!! ( I added some more family pictures to the bottom of the main page too incase you are interested)

Christmas day I got to meet another addition to the family my new cousin Ashlyn! She too is gorgeous..sorry no pictures I was pretty focused on the food and Cranium. I discovered her parents are master board gamers and if you do not like loosing don’t play with them. I didn’t mind loosing as long as I got to do all the Humdingers.

My mom really out did herself Christmas day, she cooked some of the best food I have ever had! She made a prune cake that I renamed a sugar plum cake (sounds more delicious) that called my name for the rest of the trip. I am pretty sure I had a piece everyday I was home..YUM! Thinking back about the food we ate like a good old Italian family..I am so proud..and 10lbs heavier.


Getting back into the swing of things for New Years was not as tough as I though it would be. While home I kept my gym schedule the same so once my eating got back on track I felt pretty normal. I am curious how wrestling training will go this week since I have not been in a ring in about three weeks :( Keep your fingers crossed for me..If I did not have cool new shoes to show off I would consider skipping it. No no no bad attitude..If I did not have a big title defense coming up on the 9th I would skip training…much better!

I’m trying a positive thinking thing..not for the new year just so I can be on the happy bus with Lanny Poffo and Colt Cabana.

I did make a few new years resolution type things though. Want to hear what they are???? Yeah I thought so….

First I want to find my passion again for wrestling. Not that I completely lost it but I think everyone goes through times when they are just down and I am feeling a bit like that so I want to fix it! I know I love what I do and I am lucky to be doing it and paying my bills but I think I lost a little drive. This coming year I want to take my career to the next level ( yes as some of you would say selling out) and I know I'll need more passion for that so I resolve to get it!

Find a hobby.

Strengthen my faith.

Stay in better contact with family and friends.

and last but not least try not to use the work sucks in my vocabulary anymore…do you know what that implies when you say it????

This has been a pretty lengthy blog, I hope it makes up for my month out of touch.

Talk to you soon! Hope to see you even sooner (Check out my updated schedule)

Here’s a few more pictures for your enjoyment of the cutest puppy ever!!!!


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  1. good luck, and remember that it's not selling out if you give it everything you have and enjoy yourself in the process.

    happy new year

  2. Sara,
    I know what its like to lose the spark being an artist. I tend to lose heart but I just have to solider on and preserve past the negatives. The sun will always rise and there's always a tomorrow.I know you will survive to being a strong woman inside and out. You will regain that passion for what you do and you'll be proud when you do.

    HAHA! I know what it's like to get heavier after the Holidays as I ended up gaining the weight right back after enjoying delicious Texas BBQ with my visiting Uncle. Hopefully I'll lose that weight in time before I do see you again this year.

    I wish you a bright, prosperous, happy and healthy new year where you will boldly excel at your craft in the beginning of the decade which you will define in women's wrestling.. Always know I and everybody else never stopped believing in you.

  3. Selling out? Someone needs to explain that to me. Making a move to a major company to further a career is just plain smart.

    Cute kids, by the way.

  4. I know I'm late,but I'm finally read this blog. I'm giving you such a big hug when i see you. You are great and inspiring to me. Your such an awesome and strong woman, and I know that you will accomplish many things this year.