Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Has been going on?

Not to much with me since we last talked!


I did this past weekend have a Wrestletastic time…What made it so good??? I won! Not only my match VS. one half of the Shimmer tag champions but I retained my JAPW Women's belt! Yes I will go on to defend another day…another day quite soon.


January 23rd to be exact! For anyone interested (and you should all be interested) It is the 12th anniversary of JAWP! The card looks great, not only am I defending my championship but every belt in the company is being defended along with the CZW heavyweight championship. As if that is not cool enough also on the show is Masato Tanaka vs  Homicide!! Wow now that is a show I would not miss!


I do want to go back to the fact that I beat a NINJA!!! Yeah, that must make me one of the coolest people ever or at least inline for a shot at her title. Who wouldn't want to see Kong and me as SHIMMER tag champions?

Before the JAPW show I found this AMAZING Dominican restaurant and although I had already eaten and just enjoyed a coffee I tasted and liked!

Here are a few pictures for you to drool over….

001 (2) 003 (2) 004 (2)  002 (2)


Oh!! let me tell you about the gift that keeps giving!!!! I received the new Stila cosmetics case and player and it is the COOLES thing ever! I first saw it on Rachel Rey..I know some of you are confused because I told you all that I now prefer Wendy William at 10 but Wendy has been on break so I had to go back to Rachel…Anyways back to the real story not only does this case hold all my cosmetics but it plays music!!!! My Ipod and MP3 player both work on it and the speakers are so clear! It is amazing..I can’t wait to take it out and show it off!


While sort of on the topic of my early morning TV schedule.. I have Regis and Kelly and they have Tim Gunn on today because yes that's right Project Runway is back!!! This Thursday!!!I can’t wait!


This past week I had some free time and I got into Jersey Shore!! WOW what a show! I think I would fit in well with them..I'm half Italian. Really what sold me was GTL!! Not so sure I would T everyday but G and L I am all over.


I have not much more to update you..I had a great story for you accompanied by a picture but I can not find the cable for my phone to hook up to the computer so you loose!! I will continue the search though.


Hope everyone is well,


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  1. You beat a Ninja? hmm wouldn't be the same grouchy dwarf-like pibsqueek we know and don't love? (You tell her I said that.) I heard a lot about the Jersey Shore show but hadn't seen much of it except it was shot down by some Italian anti defamation group LOL. As for the food not my cup of Tea I am afraid.. I prefer traditional Tex-Mex. Glad to hear you had a wonderful outing!