Monday, October 17, 2011

Time to rant

First of all this is coming from my phone so if predict a text takes over just play along.

As some of you know I was in beautiful Los Angels this weekend for DCW. I had a great time, the staff, fans and wrestlers were all awesome and I hope I can come back again.


The travel, not so awesome. The first leg of my three part journey was great. I was on southwest and boarding group B (S) on a full flight so had no hopes for a good seat. Apon boarding a large gentleman asked if I wanted the window seat in his isle because he was isle and bought two tickets for the extra room he required. I was pumped because he was like 3rd row and I like getting of the plane quick.

Happily I settled in and off we went!

The flight itself was in eventful, along with the layover and part two.

Onto part three and the ISSUE. Full flight again no worries I was in a good front isle seat and the last leg was under two hours. Enter a LARGE woman who asked if the center seat was taken. It was not so happily I got up and let her in not realizing how great her size was.

She needed the arm rest up to fit into the space provided. I don't want to be a jerk or make a sceen so I politely squeezed into the remanded of my seat. As I sat there fuming that one I had no place to rest my arm and two that now 1/3 of my provided and paid for space was now being occupied I wondered who's responsibility it was?

I felt bad complaining so I didn't but made sure to give my most oblivious " I'M SO UNCOMFORTABLE" face every time the stewards passed.


I understand its a sensitive situation and no one wants to be the bad guy (except Razor Ramon) but really. Someone needs to step up and say " need two seats"!

Rant concluded


  1. Next time if that happens again, just move over to the middle seat and put your arm on the arm rest. She'll be the one hanging into the aisle.

  2. Well beat driving Right?

  3. It's not summer there at least right, look on the bright side that she wasn't hot and sweaty......