Friday, October 14, 2011

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No not really but I just heard Arrested Development is coming back with 10 new episodes and a movie. I am so down with this!!!

My day is winding down and I have some time before I can eat so I thought I would spend it with you. Does it feel like a Saturday to anyone else?

Don't hate me but I decided not to go with any original Death Rey gun shirts in 2X...The difference was almost twice as much as S-XL and I would feel pad passing that on to you. Maybe one day I will have billions of dollars and be able to print shirts in all sizes but today is not that day. To all you S-XL types keep your eyes peeled...Is that a saying?

Good or bad sign..I saw a new fabulous Chiropractor on Wednesday and he insisted I come back today (Friday)???

I was hoping he heard tale of my amazing ability to break boards with my bare feet, hands and uh head..whatever. It was not the case just wanted me freshly aligned for the weekend.

If you haven't seen the above mentioned footage it has been added to the right side of this page under MEDIA. or you can view it HERE.

It's that time again, food time! Cabbage time! Last meal of the day time! Must itch my foot time!

See you

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  1. HOLY OMG:

    WOW just think of all those divas that going to get it. that hard training and your doing a hell of a job at it.