Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday!

One of my favorite Sundays of the year! I used to be really into football..the 49ers specifically but like most things when I started wrestling I lost interest. Be being a West Coast girl I remember this being an afternoon event so I was a little disappointed to find out the game doesn't start till 6:30.

Most of my disappointment I must admit comes from having to wait for the snacks I'm planning on making. I'll live though and this way my afternoon is free to get a pedicure and see the Black Swan.

I made it to see The Fighter and loved it!

Not much more going on for the rest of the week, just typical training and maybe I'll start on a new dvd..

Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.



  1. Who is Sara Del Rey picking to win?

  2. Sara, for some reason, I never would have guessed your a football fan. But, I guess if you grew up in the Montana/Yong years of the Niners, that would get anyone interested.

  3. John G stole my question xD

  4. I didn't really care who won but I suspected Green Bay

  5. Hey my favorite wrestler Sara Del Rey has won here pick Green Bay did win and there even my favorite football team too.

    PS Sorry DFA for steeling your question

  6. Sara do you think you'll have a new DVD soon with like top ten favorite matchs of Sra Del Rey over the past 2 or 3 years you could say to sell on your website. I love seeing new DVD's of my favorite wrestler who is for sure you.

  7. Hey Sara,

    Black Swan is an amazing film, and Natalie Portman has to win best actress in upcoming Oscars. The Fighter was also really good and Christian Bale was untouchable in that movie. Guaranteed Best Supporting Actor. You should also check out Kings Speech and Blue Valentine. Blue Valentine is a bit depressing though.

  8. John G,
    That's a great idea...i will start looking through my matches and see what I got.

    Thanks for the movie recommendations I think I will wait for those to come out on Netflix