Thursday, February 10, 2011

What are you


most looking forward to? Please feel free to include my upcoming events Smile


Not wrestling related I would have to go with The Real Housewives of Miami!



  2. Hi Sara how you doing today?

    Sara this has alwas ben in my dreams for you would you ever think of makeing your own Sara Del Rey Calendar with 12 of your favorite pic's over the years on each month to make soon by the end of the year for 2012 to put on your Website.

    I've not hade a 100% awsome Calender since 2004 thats why I still have that one on my wall but if you for sure would ever make one for your fans that would be way bettr with my favorite wrestler of all time who is for sure you.

    Have a great week Sara and good luck in your upcoming match wish you luck.

  3. Looking forward to Del Rey vs MsChif on ROH :-)

  4. I'm most looking forward to the next time I see you, SHIMMER 3/26 and 3/27. I really think you and Madison Eagles are gonna be even more incredible in March (if that's even possible). Two people as good as you are constantly wrestling each other lately and sharing knowledge seems dangerous for everyone else! Cheerleader who?

    A lot of other special things happening in women's wrestling... Serena's matches for SMASH in Japan will air this weekend, some cool matches on the cards for ACW and NCW Femmes Fatales on 3/12, Manami Toyota and Toshie Uematsu to Chikara, the possibility of Kana coming to the U.S. in 2011... very exciting.

  5. Not to knock your choice Sara, but how can anyone enjoy those Real Housewives shows? Shows like Top Chef I can understand. Thats a fun, entertaining show. But, those real housewives shows just seem like trash TV. Might as well watch old Jenny Jones or Jerry Springer talk shows.

    As for wrestling, I enjoy all things CHIKARA. I bought a bunch of DVD's from MsChif that I still haven't finished either, so there's that.

  6. Wrestling related? I wish a show would come out my way, it's too damn expensive to fly out to Philly (and wherever else).

    Not wrestling related? My day off.

  7. wrestling wise, I'm looking forward to receiving my new Shimmer DVD's in the mail and still trying my hardest to balance my work & school schedule to come see one of the incredible events coming up these next months, really gunning for Pro Wrestling SUN that card looks amazing right now.

    besides wrestling, definately looking forward to baseball season, let's go phillies!