Thursday, November 11, 2010

Two more days of being in my twenties

And so it goes on….The final countdown…well, not The Final but you know what I mean.


I know my birthday is going to pass too fast and with the travel I’ll need to keep some sort of schedule but I feel the need to do something completely different with myself on Saturday. Maybe I’ll experiment on Monday…you know change it up, do things out of my comfort zone. I’ll let you know how that turns out!


Hot off the presses in all sizes (s-xl) Black and Gold Deathrey shirts. This will be the last printing of the gun shirt so if you want one now's the time…well not literally now because they are not up in my shop now but will be soon! That’s sounds like another good project for Monday…


What I watched this week:


Besides the normal Housewife's, Top Chef just deserts, Raw, Who’s the boss, Regis and Kelly and the wonderful Wendy Williams I got into Modern family season one and caught my third episode of Glee. I think I need to start with Glee from season one it was enjoyable but I think I am missing some stuff. Now Modern Family is the show! I laugh out loud every episode..For anyone who hasn’t seen it do it. I LOVE all the characters..usually I am on the fence about one but not here. Everyone is great even the kids…I recommend starting at the beginning it was funny right off the bat!


That’s it for now, hope everyone keeps the Veterans in their hearts today and everyday!


  1. Hi Sara,

    Try going to a local casino on your birthday.Maybe you will be lucky on th 13th.

    Welcome to Dearborn, Michigan on 11-12. I may be in attendance.

  2. DreaD: so should i get ya a stuffed bear or somethin

  3. One of my favorite birthday experiments is to try a different kind of food. This year, I'm thinking about something like Lebanese or Turkish, which I haven't ever had before. If you're a good food lover, like I am, this can be an awesome way to try different stuff.

    Have a safe and happy birthday!

  4. Happy B-DAY!!!
    I know, not yet Nov.13th on west coast, but in Italy it is, so let's the celebration begins!!!
    So have an aaaawesome butt-kicking B-day our Queen of Wrestling.
    Thomas from Italy.

  5. The big 3-0 need to get some bi-focals on ur wish-list now :-P

  6. happy birthday to the best female athlete out there today. hope you have a great day teamed with a great cup of starbucks.

  7. sara you have everyone in an uproar with your wwe comments!!! i think i understand you will do whatever it takes to get there and show them your stuff so to speak!!! tell me if i am correct dennis from boston