Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A new Hobby

This weekend I was on a roll, I decided to try out some healthy recipes and to my amazement after one small mistake (using baking soda instead of baking powder) everything turned out delicious!


Here are the highlights…CIMG1415


YUMMM! Peanut butter bread!







My Nonnie’s zucchini frittata








Twice baked potato's with cheese and mammas meatloaf!


Man, I love food! If anyone has and easy interesting recipes they would like to share feel free!


Hope everyone is well,



  1. That looks so tasty. I want some of that peanut butter bread.
    Why don't you share some of your recipes with all of us? So we can be one step closer to be as powerful as you are :D

  2. hi sara, in other order of ideas i like the music that you use on shimmer but i cant find that song, what is the name of that song? if you help me with that i'll help you with some mexican recipes lol.

  3. My friend has a cooking blog here:
    It's all really delicious. Sans meat.

  4. Those all look so scrumptious Miss Sara.. You did a remarkable job!

  5. That really looks good! I have been wanting to make some meatloaf and mashed potatoes and I think you just inspired me to do so!

  6. I will add some recipes to an upcoming post but most of them I get from

    My theme song is Boss of the World (Bull Nakano's old AJW music)

    Thanks for the blog link I will check it out and maybe try something today...I'm feeling adventurous.

    Yes meat and potato's the American way...hope you stayed inspired!!!!

  7. sara, try chicken yakisoba(not sure about spelling)cut chicken breast into bite size ,lightly grill with soy sauce,scramble eggs and break up,cook pasta(i generally use spaghetti or linguini) then through it all together and add soy sauce to taste.very simple and the only way i found to get pasta to taste ok after re-heating.