Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Not to Wear

is on but I decided to blog anyways. I love the shopping part even though I only like grocery shopping in real life. WEIRD!!

Sunday as most of you know I was in San Antonio, Texas for Anarchy Championship wrestling. I had a blast and meet a bunch of awesome people and qualified for the 2nd annual American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament June 27th. I am so looking forward to winning this year….I came close last year so I know I have what it takes to win the whole thing so watch out San Antonio!

I also got to meet up with the best hair in the business Jimmy Jacobs…really every time I see him he has cool hair and this weekend did not disappoint… CIMG1405

Have you seen better hair????

The only thing that tops that is my flight home was playing the Golden Girls!


On to or back to TV… I just realized I am home and will be able to watch the men sing tonight on Idol! Any Idol fans out there? I am not a super huge fan but this season has me hooked…is it Ellen? No idea!

At the recommendation of some very reliable people I have decided to give GLEE and Community a shot so hopefully I will catch up on all that this upcoming week…What shows do you watch? Should I?

This upcoming weekend is CHIKARA and I hope you all make it out to Reading and Pottsville, should be two solid shows of BDK dominance. Hope to see you there!!



  1. Chikara's sunday show is in Pottsville not Philly.
    I hope you and Daizee will kick Incoherence ass.

  2. I just recently got the Glee Volume 1 box and wow, it's fantastic! I watched all 13 episodes in two days and then watched the whole thing again over the next week!

    I've heard good things about Community but haven't seen it yet... I also want to see Modern Family. I've heard great things but I mostly just want to see it because I think Ed O'Neill is one of the funniest men alive.

  3. Fixed..Thank you!

    Yeah Modern family is another one that looks good (because as you said Ed O'Neil is the man!

  4. You were awesome in the ring! Thanks for signing a whole bunch of stuff! See ya in June!

  5. If you've never seen it, I really recommend It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It's hilarious. Also, The Big Bang Theory is solid for some great laughs. (And it's not like there's anything else to watch on Monday nights... ) :)

  6. I have seen IASIP good stuff! I just watched the Marriage ref and really enjoyed that too!

    Mondays is like the busiest night for TV...What to do?????

  7. Sara, has rotating episodes of IASIP on a weekly basis as well as a lot of other good shows (including Glee & Fringe) but neither Hulu or have full episodes of Big Bang Theory.
    :( And you're right, there is way too much stuff to watch on Mondays.

  8. Cool thanks I will check it out!

    Just got into the marriage ref...anyone else???

  9. This will sound really bad since I'm a guy, but here goes. I had a ringside seat for an ROH house show, and I was standing up and Jimmy Jacobs stood right in front of me, stalling before his match. And the first thing I noticed was how nice he smelled.

    I didn't share that thought with my buddies.

  10. HAHAHAHA I am so glad you shared with me :)