Friday, February 12, 2010

The week

I will start with ROH last Friday,I think these pictures say it all. Really could we be any cooler?




This past Friday marked the first TV appearance of The Kings of Wrestling, and boy did we debut in grand form. The Team went 3-0 in one much more impressive could it get? If Saturdays weather did not prevent the show from taking place I am pretty sure we would have showed you how much more impressive but mother nature had different plans.


Super Bowl Sunday continues to be one of my favorite Sundays of the year! After hitting the gym hard (so I could indulge in some treats) I proceeded to cook my famous whole wheat pizza. YUMMMM! I am a master! Whole wheat pizza dough, chicken, 2% mozzarella and tomato pesto sauce..SO delicious!CIMG1388


Anyone else's mouth watering??? I also had some home made garlic hummus with carrots, Organic yellow corn tortilla chips with salsa and to top it off a sweet rice treat I found in the health food section at my grocer. I was going to take a picture but I was so excited that I ate it up and didn’t think you all would appreciate a picture of an empty wrapper.


On to this week….not much to say except California never had weeks like this.

CIMG1391 CIMG1390


Even a few days after the storm the roads were horrible…


  I am still enamored with the novelty of winter….maybe not by next week but as of now I am still enjoying it. Being stuck  in the house and watching movies is not all that bad. Oh and I saw Avatar…It totally lived up to all the hype! Those 3-D glasses are annoying when you are already wearing glasses but It was so worth it. 


  Off to the gym now!


  Bye all!!!


  1. Very cool indeed!


  2. Oh, Haze in the back is just too funny. Yeah, the snow was crazy. Been a while since we had it like this in Philly.

    I could really, really go for some pizza right now, but I need that like I need a hole in the head. I totally need to get into shape.

  3. Yeah are jackets are epic...What are the chances that we all got the same color??? It was meant to be.

    Haze totally makes the picture...and Mark.

    The pizza was completely healthy and as long as you workout you can splurge a little :)

  4. You should totally make 8x10s out of the pic with Hero and Claudio. I would definitly buy one of those!!!

  5. and you should make giant posters out of the pic with claudio + daizee too. That piece of hilarious greatness has to be on my collection