Thursday, October 22, 2009

Taking my updates more serious!

As Allison Danger would tell me..but usually she is talking about my phone! What can I say...I'm a slacked when it comes calling back or updating you all!

I have a few updates since the last time I posted so here goes...

For those of you that missed it I did a fun interview with Bryan Alvarez on Figure Four Daily news at the begining of the month...Check it's not to late..

Also Lance Storm was nice enough to watch and review Shimmer Volume 23! He had some awesome stuff to say and hopefully will review more so keep checking for his blogs and even if he doesn't review Shimmer his blogs are highly entertaining so check them out anyways.

I watched some All Japan Womens Classics at the beginning of the week and I forgot how much I LOVE that time in womens wrestling. All the girls were so technically good and passionate about the sport....It is really motivating to see. For those of you that don't know they just go out at 2,000% and fight it's awesome. I have decided to watch at least one match before each of my matches to pump myself up..look out should be scared.

My last update will be on my feelings...yeah that's right my feelings....Like I mentioned before this is the first season of Ultimate Fighter I have watched and after he first episode I LOVED Rampage and was a little ehh on Rashad. After last night I realized my feelings have completely changed. I still think Rampage is funny but ehh and Rashad is the man! I like that he ALWAYS trains with his guys and I think that is one of the main reasons his team is doing so well. I also really like the way before the fight he builds his guys up..he's just the MAN!

Ok that's all for now hope everyone has a happy and healthy week!


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