Monday, November 2, 2009

What's Up!

Not much going on this past week...but as I promised my Matsa I would post a blog! Speaking of my Matsa I am verry happy to report she meet up with her high schhol boyfriend and had a very enjoyable mid afternoon date....This is so blog worthy because I am super excited and think it is so cute that two people who dated when they were kids meet up again some 20 years later.

Halloween was my sisters birthday but I did not get to celebrate much besides a quick call and a card! I did decide since I would be home I should buy some candy for the kids...bad idea..I only got 3 knocks on the door and know have loads of chocolate left that I refuse to eat. The only place I really go around town is to the gym and something deep down inside of me I bad about bringing the extra candy to the gym. Oh well I am sure I can figure it out!

I have been working on some new gear for SHIMMER so keep your eyes out for that!

I also got my new workout for the month and can't wait to start today! Like some of you may remember I had 4 days of legs last month and yeah you guessed it this month same thing! Should be fun!!!!

Today I have big plans besides starting my new workout I get to go grocery shopping!!! Why does this excite me so much???? Maybe because I am low on almond butter and get to make a new batch and love licking the bowl afterward :)

Only 11 days left till my birthday and I so can't wait My Matsa has decided to come visit!!!!!

My last goal for the week will be finding time alone to watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion...I have a busy week with ROH tv tapings, ROH in Edison, SHIMMER and my new training but I will do my best to squeeze it in.

Speaking of television programs did I ever mention how much I love morning TV programming....I am all set from 9-1 first Live with Regis and Kelly then The Rachel Ray Show, The View and rounded out with What not to Wear!

Last TV note....Go Phillies!

That's it for now..Hope to see some of you this weekend!



  1. The same thing happened here for Halloween few kids if any.. is this a new national trend? Maybe it's a good thing for the kids to lay off the junk food and candy so maybe it's a "get healthy" initiative.

    I myself am proud as I have lost ten pounds part of the inspiration for that is you Sara, Any plans for healthy eating come Thanksgiving?

    I can't wait to see your new gear but I sort of love the way you look now with your current gear.

  2. I was so not going to buy candy because 1 if I were a parent I would not let my kids eat all that crap from strangers and 2 I did not want it in my house looking at me. I wanted to give out raisins but though things with individual sealed wrappers were better.

    WOW!! Congrats that is awesome!!

    I love Thanksgiving but living so far from home it just feels like any other day. If I were with family or at a big spread I would just make healthy choices during dinner like salad and meat no gravy and maybe some smashed potatoes so I would not feel guilty about eating pie come desert time.

    Thanks so much for the response!!!

  3. Awww you are so welcome Sara,

    You're also welcome to come to Thanksgiving Dinner with me and my family. Well we eat at Lunch instead. Haha. I myself don't eat desert as I am a Turkey Maven.

    Here's hoping you return to Austin someday and good luck with SHIMMER and your future dates. :)

  4. Hey Sara I just want to know who's your favorite house wife or wives. Also how much do like Dwight he is hilarious! I the episode when he had to run in heels lol. Ha ha I can talk about that show all day.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Nene of course! Dwight is so funny...I felt so bad for him at the fashions show it was like he is the only one who cared.

    I really like Kandi too but is so bothers me that she made tardy for the party when Kim clearly does not have the voice to carry it. Like I was insulted for Kandi because she has such a nice voice. Oh well...

    I still have not had time to catch the reunion...maybe today before ROH

  6. Ha Ha I was hoping you like Nene and Dwight is so funny! And your right he was the only one who really scared. Yeah I wish Kandi didn't help Kim with that song too. Kim is a hot mess by the way got her kids calling that man big poppa. She needs to be slap anywho by this time I hope you caught the reunion.