Friday, June 8, 2012

In 2004

I was moved by these words.

I wrote them down and haven't seen or heard them again until today.

Maybe you will be inspired too.

There is no rainbow before rain

There is no healing before pain

There is no sunlight before night

There is no victory before the fight


    Fleetwood Mac:Sara

    What an amazing song! Probably one of my favorite songs that Stevie sings :) Beautiful!

    some people are move by words others are moved by songs like this one.

  2. wow thats so cool!!! Are you good with dates now Sara looks like meber

  3. so Sara do you know anything about this company?
    Beyond Wrestling


    Awesome Dance moves LOL you teach her who the boss!!!

  5. GUYS: yelling "what's up baby" out of your car as you drive by a girl will NEVER get you in her pants.

    you tell them Sara that disrespect to women who in the hell would answer them any ways.

    must be Guys in Ferrari or other Sport cars lol!!!