Friday, May 25, 2012


Few things excite me more than new healthy recipes and tricks. Today I had a very successfull experiment with sweet potato in my protein shake! Yeah that's right now my spinach, peanut butter, vanilla protein shake is minus the banana and plus a sweet potato. So delicious...

This totally makes up for stabbing myself with a dull fork this morning. I though oh this is going to be a GREAT day and here we are three hours later and my day has been GREAT. I had a lovely bike ride to the gym, had a super good workout, strolled around my favorite store (the grocery store)and now this.

Today is going to rule!

If you want to make your day rule too try this cardio I invented yesterday. I named it the incline 8

You'll need a treadmill

as indicated by the name of the cardio you want to stay on an incline of 8 I'll include my speed b up do what is comfortable for you

5 min fast walk dont hold on speed 3.8

10 min of 30 sec sprint 30 sec rest sets speed 5.5

5 min lunges speed 1.5

10 more min 30 sec sprint 30 sec rest sets speed 5.5

Finish with another 5 min walk without holding on



  1. demon toliet what the hell? Sara tell me you didn't say that lol.

  2. Sara:

    stay safe and have fun today go get them!!!

  3. Hey Sara, how do u manage to eat healthy on the road? I'm visiting the states at the moment, west coast so can't catch a show unfortunately but if I see another burger joint, steakhouse or lettuce salad I think I'm going to scream...

  4. I pack my own food like p rote in, eggs, oatmeal,tuna then just pick up veggies while traveling

  5. Sara:

    All I can is WOW What a show and you took all that and you had a rookie wrestler with you both did Awesome together.

  6. can't sleep drink some hot tea earl gray is the best to get you a sleep.

    now let the Queen of Wrestling get some sleep!

  7. Sara, my 7 year old loves you to death - she watches your matches on Youtube and I just want to thank you because it is helping her to get into shape. Thing is she is also a high level autistic little girl and I want to thank you because you have an inspiration for her and your ideals have helped her to keep her focus in life and show that winning is the most important thing.

    Thank you!!!!

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