Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I come to the realization that I am only human. Ventured to toast my own almonds for my homemade almond butter since the store was out...toasting no problem...trying to gring them before cooling a little BIG problem. I will never fail at anything ever again!


  1. Wish List idea: Ove Glove


    Might solve your "warm nut" problem and I can't believe I just typed that...

  2. eating health that good and your training on your own is top notch I don't know why the WWE is still waiting for?

  3. And you made fun of me for having it too!

  4. what is keeping you from going back to ROH and taking over Manager job for dem boys.

    the queen taking control of Dem Boys!

  5. http://www.fitstep.com/muscle-explosion/xbr33/Intense-By-Nature.pdf

    here that link you were looking for I know you can do it!

  6. Sara

    can you tell Dave P. the owner of Shimmer that if he don't come out with the 41-42 dvd's that people will stop care and go to other places and care like Chikara and WSU he taking his sweet time getting these dvd to us when it was film in oct Smark mark video is fast and so is WSU as for Dave I guess he has a old reel to reel that why it take so long please help us please him get our money! we want the "AWESOME" Video that he has I just hope it not over two years of waiting for those DVD's

  7. I personally have no problem with the rate the SHIMMER DVDs come out. If you want to see the matches instantly you can come see us live :)

  8. Sara

    watch out for this hacker John Hyperion I click on a thread of his at Shimmer and he was trying to hack my computer!