Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Monday

The day is almost over and it has been good to me. The cat let me sleep in till 7:30, I had a great chest and tricep workout, had coffee, found a new flavor of gum (see my tweet), got some research done and now deciding if I should do cardio before RAW. Ah decisions..... How was your Monday?


  1. Great just opened up the mail and there was your shirt. I'm totally going to rock this tomorrow. Hope to see you in Austin sometime. Thanks, Sara

  2. Well, today, I got tickets for the CHIKARA Easton show on 1/28 which is awesome (even though you're not on the show). Also, SHIMMER tickets are coming this week so that is also exciting. The next couple of months are going to rule, wrestling-wise.

  3. Thanks for the response I am shocked only 2 people did anything on monday

  4. I went to work, That's about all I did today. I live a boring life, but I'm working on it since it's a new year I decided to try some new things while I'm still fairly young.

  5. Your a little like me Sara who just loves seeing new flavor gum

    My Monday was awsome we now see who will be put in to the WWE Hall Of Fame do you have a favorite right now Sara who just got put in

  6. Replies
    1. Barry Freakin Windham!!!!!!!
      Windham story on Lex
      Arn and Barry interview

  7. I wonder off flair is going to be at the induction.

    After bring throughly disappointed with the lack of wrestling on raw monday night I decided to watch you vs kana and finishedn watching your 3 dvd set, then was sad that it's all over