Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh My

I am so exhausted but cant leave you hanging here it is THE moment of moments!

Witness what happened next HERE


  1. You're lucky two of the greatest female wrestler !

  2. Hey girl. I just want to take this oppurtunity to tell you that. i have a great deal of Respect for everything you've done in the wrestling business. You are without a doubt the purest and most dedicated women wrestler in the today. Frankley for WWE not able to see how great an athelete you are shows that they are as blind as a bat! You are 1 of many who have set the standard for what Women Wrestling should be. You have taken your career to heights that the WWE probably would never give their Divas the chance to do! I personally see you as True Professional. You don't Model for Magazines unless Pro Wrestling Illustrated and other Wrestling Magazines doing an article on you. You don't hang with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion. You are as Real as they come, and i ask that you never ever change! I think many fans would agree. That you have earned every Victory, every Championship that you got because of your dedications and the time you took to train your ass off to be who you are today. You had recently Wrestled and won your dream match against Aja Kong. another woman who takes this business professionaly, respectfully and strictly and it's because of women like Aja and yourself that makes me proud to be a fan of Womens Wrestling! God Bless and may your Career Shine brighter than ever!

    Robert Kovach a.k.a @RobKovach999 (from twitter)

    p.s. i look forward to your call in tommorrow night on Amber Oneal and Angel Orsini's Fire & Ice Show on i promo their show each day and i've let everyone know of your call in for tommorrow. here's to a great show tommorrow night! :)

  3. Sara

    hope your ok from your car accident see a doctor so you might have issue with your back I know your a fighter and don't need it but take care of yourself!!

  4. I always thought when Aja and Sara combined, they would create a chemical reaction that would set the building on fire.