Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Joshi Goodness

 Next time I DEMAND it!


  1. what a Hell of a Set JoshiMania is a Must have 20 stars what a hell of three night Event thanks to everyone for pulling off a Hell of show!!!
    Kong vs Sara a Hell of match
    Kong vs Ayako Hamada
    four way with Quack was hell of match too
    Gami vs Perez
    Sara vs Hamada

    love the set like I said this is a Must have for Wrestlers and for Fans

    Shuri vs Kana vs Sara Del Rey vs Hamada
    four way death match any thing goes!!!
    Book it Chikara!!!

  3. Sara

    you must have a one on one match with Mercedes Martinez Hair vs Hair match No DQ falls count anywhere on the street corners or in someone house I can careless but we need to know who is the Top wrestler on the Indy's!!!!

    loser get shave in front of her fans so you better not lose Sara!!!

  4. the Queen of Wrestling got her Best of!!!

    it about time

  5. miss sara has already beaten miss martinez IG2 manchester nh. june 2010 and i beleive one other time!!!! dennis from boston