Sunday, August 21, 2011

As you know

If you follow me on Twitter I'm sitting at the Atlanta airport. I had a few great suggestions of things to do like eat, roundhouse kick people or play games. All will only hold my attention or keep me occupied for 20 min max. I decided to be productive and write a blog!

It's been awhile so I wouldn't even know where to start on catching you up so let's just talk about what's happening now. This very moment not much...just trying to stay out of conversations with friendly strangers also charging their phones.

Wrestling has been kicking my butt in a good way. I'm enjoying trying and doing new things and hopefully that will all continue. I think with anything you do a lot of your feelings about it waver right now I'm on a wrestling high!

Personally things are going great too. My training has been kicked up and my diet has been changing so that keeps me on my toes and interested. It's a little stressful being on the road and trying to hit my diet numbers but I'm working it out and finding new tricks. I used to be worried about traveling with hard boiled eggs but discovered they are good for a few days without being refrigerated! GREAT NEWS RIGHT?

Speaking of great news I am now a proud gold card member at Starbucks! Maybe some of you are shocked this is new for me and really I should have had it a long time ago but I didn't.

I feel this blog can not go on anymore and I must immediately find a Starbucks so that's going to happen.

Talk to you soon!



  1. Good luck to you! Hate being stuck at airports for top long. I think I need some more coffee after reading your blog! Take care & hope to see ya back in my area soon!

  2. I think whoever invited Twitter was because they were stuck at airports and needed some way of venting how annoyed they were.

    I can't imagine have to fly all the time like most wrestler have to do, because I would go insane. Between, TSA agents groping you, long lines, delays, layovers, annoying kids on planes, crying babies on planes, luggage issues, crappy airports....jeez. You must have the patience of a saint to be able to withstand all that.

    Someone needs to figure out the whole beaming people thing from Star Trek, cause that would solve a lot of problems.

  3. Sara, just saw you on DVD and you look better than ever. Whatever training diet regimen you're doing is working. You killed it in that Chikara show too. Keep doing your thing you are most def my Queen ;)