Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend of ACW

Friday started off so so...let me explain...

Friday morning I take a cardio kick class this session is now being shared by two instructors one is very high intensity keeps you moving the other is more relaxed and takes lots of water breaks. I like them both but was looking forward to the high intensity one because the week before was the other instructor but it was not meant to be.

So I went through the class and felt like I still had energy to burn so I went home and cleaned the house.

I have recently realized I am a neat freak it might even be a bit more serious than that but what can you do? So after doign a number on the house I was getting ready for my days travel to Maryland to preform for ACW ( Adrenaline Championship Wrestling).

I was a bit skeptical about the actual show because it seems in the past month people have gotten jolly's off promoting shows/booking talent and not actually having a show.

The show to my surprise was not only happening but one of the most professional organizations I have worked with in a while. The set up, crew, talent and promoter were all first class and I had a ton of fun!

I was not so successful in my match vs. Kylie Peirce and Roxxie Cotton but I had fun and more important I think the fans did too.

A big thank you to everyone who came out and supported ACW on their first show and I hope they have many more to come so those of you who missed out can come check it out!

Saturday was a very productive day for me I felt like I was non stop getting stuff done..unfortunately for you blogs were not on my to do list!

Sunday started very early 3:30 am to be exact..I had a 6 am flight to Texas to make.

Flight and connection all went well to my surprise because it was DELTA I was dealing with but maid to Austn and was stoked about the nights wrestling.

I was talked into stopping for some Mexican food at Baby A's...not because I didn't want could I not want to eat at a restaurant that shares the same name as such a cute wrestler. My real issue was I hadf a cold and was at the phase where my taste buds were not working and I was convinced the delicious food would be wasted on me.

I was then talked into eating Jalapenos (I hate spicy food) to wake up my buds and it did the trick!!! I was able to enjoy a DELICIOUS salmon salad..Yumm I was going to take a picture but I just get so excited to eat I forget.

All full and ready for action we headed to ACW ( Anarchy Championship Wrestling) and the coolest outside wrestling venue ever! I am not exaggerating was such a cool set up and atmosphere and by the time I was on it was dark and the mood was set for a beating... I ended up loosing the match to Rachel Summerlyn but I did dish out a beating and she deserved the win.

After the show while chatting at the merchandise table I was treated to a free Motorhead concert! They were playing right across the street and we could hear them clear as if we were there. It was pretty cool even though I am only familiar with the stuff they have done for WWE.

After a stop at IHOP it was time for a 3 hour nap before catching a flight home. My weekend of ACW's had come to an end and I was looking forward to getting back to my clean house and tot he gym. Delta on the other hand had different plans..I was delayed..missed my booked..delayed again and when I finally landed in Philly we had no gate to go into so we had to sit on the runway for another hour!

I will be so happy to never have to fly Delta again..I don't think that is possible but I will for sure never book my own flight with them and I suggest you don't either!

So in closing thank you to everyone who came out to either ACW I know times are hard now for a lot of people so I really really do appreciate you all for coming out and supporting pro wrestling.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy weekend!



  1. I am glad you loved Austin, Sara. Yeah nothing works better for a cold and to help soothe passages like JalapeƱos!! It's an old Texas secret.. Glad you had fun with your match with Rachel. Too bad you couldn't be here for the October 18th show at the Mohawk.

    By the way their was a robbery at Baby A's and the place burned.. I dunno if they told you that after you left. I assume had you been there you would have beaten the robbers half to death lol.

    Darin Childs ACW is the BETTER ACW for the record.. hopefully he'll see this.


  2. Sara vs. Daizee - match number 20:

  3. Nah, Christopher Adonis' ACW is the best ACW! Thank you Sara, you are a class act! And We can't wait to have you back!

  4. You're wrong.. Darin Childs ACW is the BEST ACW of all.