Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Last weekend

This past weekend I made my way to the great white north...thank God this time of year there was no white! What Montreal did have was a strange abundance of mini's...First I just noticed the fruits and vegetables..then it branched out to soda and even mini adorable.
Here is some of my favorite minis

Saturday morning as you guessed it I needed to workout and lucky for me the hotel had a real nice gym. They had free weights, cardio machines, stability balls and the most exciting part the guy watching the gym was a martial arts expert!

After my workout i asked him to show me some throws and things and spent about 45minutes with him and it was all sorts of awesome. He showed me some pretty cool stuff I can not wait to try out and incorporate into my wrestling.


After that I still had a few hours to kill so I went and steamed myself...yeah the hotel had a sauna too!  Still having time to kill me and a few other girls decided to visit the local mall. Very ordinary as far as malls go with the highlights being a Cafe Starbucks and the worlds lamest fountain.




It was now time to go to work and work I did facing Cherry Bomb...It was a good fight but with the new knowledge from my hotel gym training I was able to pull out the victory!

All and all a very fun weekend! I was happy to have Monday off and correct my sleeping from the travels and i'm looking forward to this weeks action in Beachwood for Jersey All Pro and Nashua, New Hampshire for ChIKARA. Come Chck me out!!!


  1. Haha I think that actually is the world's lamest fountain. lol.

    Glad to hear you won! That's awesome about the training. Good luck with your upcoming matches!

  2. Montreal is a great wrestling city...
    We had a couple of great heal wrestlers like the Montie, Rick Martel , PCOSTYLE.COM A.K.A Jean Pierre Lafitte, Dino Bravo , Little Beaver, Luna Vachon ( Bam bam Bigelow girlfriend), Sylvain (La resistance)and many more ... by the way i think that our french language is a little bit arrogant thats maybee why we never have face caracters!!
    Mr Thomas (montreal)

  3. Yeah Montreal and Canada in general has produced some pretty outstanding talent and I totally see what you are saying about the language but really it's just the accent the language itself is beautiful.

  4. Hi Sara! I was watching your three great matches with Serena Deeb. I studied the match and I have to tell you, your heel skills showed. Like how methodical you was,how torturous you was with working on her arm and leg. And you were really great when you kept taunted Serena with a arrogant tone. I hope you and Serena liked working together, because I loved when y'all worked together!

  5. great job in NH ... hope to see you back real soon

  6. I've just seen the best Tag-Team match in the last 40years. I can say this because i'm 62yrs old. I never thought I would see good wrestling again in my life time The match is Sara Del Rey& Allison Danger vs MsChif & Cheerleader Melisa. It is on Shimmer vol 17. This match is worth the price off the DVD alone. I'm writing to say THANK YOU to Sara and the other 3 women in the match. I stoped watching wrestling some time ago. Shimmer got me back. The girls of shimmer should be wrestling in front of thousands of fans. they bring great dignity to the sport.
    once again THANK YOU for a great match.