Thursday, April 26, 2012

Are you tired?

Then do some cardio!

You'll need a deck of cards!!

I warmed up 5 min on an elliptical I recommend a warm up for you too but whatever you choose is fine.

Here it is

Hearts = hop squats (keep your back straight and bring your hands to the floor so your finger tips touch the sides of your feet then explode up and reach your hands to the sky)

Diamonds = Plie squats (toes pointed out in a wide straddle position drop your butt till you reach a 90 degree angle then back up)

Spades = Lion pushups (aka dive bombers)

Clubs = Crab tap

5 min cool down your choice.

I did this more concentrated on form and not speed it was killer in a good way!

Go get it!


  1. Hey Sara:

    go have fun tonight at CHIKARA Chicago, Ill
    show them why your the Queen of Wrestling!

  2. Tweet us who you think would make a good opponent for Sara.

    I have to say a triple threat match Sara vs Mercedes vs Jessicka

    love to see that at remix pro wrestling

  3. Love to see Chyna(when she was in japan long time back) Vs Sara that would be the dream match =X for me

  4. Sara "The Diva Killer" vs Nikki Syxx

    Go get her Sara!!!


    here you go Sara they are on ABC in OK. a network station I thought you might want to contact them and get on network TV. they do have a womens div and is on GFL.TV every week it something to look into.


    Awesome Run In