Monday, July 5, 2010

What do you want?

Here at we aim to please so let me know what you would like to see more of!

Pictures, updates, more in-depth reviews of matches..etc.

With this new phone I'm feeling really ambitious with my that a word?

Let me know!


  1. First off love the new site,I love it like a fat kid loves cake :9. As far as what to do IT'S YOUR SITE! I always check on your updates and whatever else is going on. So keep doing your thing and I be checking on here EVERYDAY ;}

    Your friend, KILLAH KYLE

  2. I think the site is perfect as it is right now but it would be great to know much more about your scheduled match and what was the results (and if you were happy with the results xD)

  3. How about a list of your favorite moments as a wrestling fan?

    Also, do you keep a log of your matches, like Jericho does? Maybe post stuff from those.

  4. maybe let us know if before or after a card you will be signing autographs , posters and such.i understandbeing a "heel"makes it unlikely , but you have tons of fans who would love it!

  5. Maybe more stuff in the Shop section. You have plenty of 8x10 photos you could add there and I remember you had the 2005 Japan Tour DVD available again at some of the more recent shows I saw you at. I'd actually like to see a Mexico DVD because even though I've been able to buy most of your matches from all different promotions, I'd say about 99% of your time there is nowhere to be found. The Shop section could also have links to other sites like the pages that sell SHIMMER DVDs, the SmartMarkVideo pages that sell Chikara and other DVDs with your matches. There's a lot of Death Rey matches to be seen if visitors are pointed in the right direction.

  6. Hey guys thanks for the great feedback!

    To answer a few of the questions...

    I will try to review more matches, I usually save judgment until after I have seen them and then I am usually to busy picking apart what I did that I didn't like o enjoy the match itself. I'll give it a try though....

    Favorite moments as a wrestling fan is a really hard one. I have such a bad memory that nothing really jumps out at me at the moment. It's weird ever since I started wrestling and studying it I have trouble getting wrapped up in whats going on. That being said two semi-recent feuds I really really enjoyed on every level were Morishima/Danielson and Punk\Hardy.

    No, I do not keep any sort of log on my matches :(

    Arthur: Good idea I will tweet that info before events. Except for ROH I am almost ALWAYS out at intermission!

    Jon: Great ideas like usual...I will get to work on the shop section! I tried finding some of my work from Mexico but the footage has all been really bad so I didn't want tot do anything with it. Maybe next time I am home (in California) I'll go through my stuff and see what I have again!

    Thanks all!!!

  7. In depth review of matches would be good becaue we cannot see alot of them. Also, You Tube clips would be great.

  8. I think you already do such a great job of mixing things up and keeping it entertaining, so my only request is a blog or two about your experiences in Japan and Mexico. Maybe some comments on the different eras of SDR as a character, i.e. talking about how you came up with your wrestling style, moves and look and how they evolved over time. I'd definitely like to hear about those awesome cornrows.

  9. Hey Jim,

    I don't like in depth reviews of matches because I think that really takes away from the match. I'm not sure I could do it in a way that didn't
    A.Loose some of the magic B. Make us all feel a little dumb and C. was not to harsh....So I will just leave the reviews to you guys.


    I like that idea a lot. It might be a big project but I can do it in parts...Stay tuned!

  10. HI SARA,

    We will just have light reviews of the matches.

  11. Maybe do a log of one of your next road trips, just write whats happening or in your head over the course of the trip!! Also some goss on the other wrestlers you meet whilst ur away, who u talked to or met up with. Also ur thoughts on the wrestling world in general like current matches, feuds etc.

  12. Hi Sara, have you ever thought of doing a Video Diary seeing as you travel to so many states and different shows and meet so many of your friends in different places?

  13. Hey Ludevig,

    So much of what we do is private and some people are super personal so I am not sure I would want to film a bunch or make people nervous...besides a select few I don't even want to share with the world who my friends are.

  14. Hi Sara, that's cool, just want to say that the Best Of DVD i got from you at Queen of Queens is fantastic! Any chance of more Best Of DVDs in the future?

  15. Not sure what one you picked up...I have 3 DVDs available in my shop section.

  16. Hi Sara, the DVD i got is The Death Rey Strikes Back and it is fantastic. On Carnage crew radio this past Tuesday we had Cassandro on and i brought up your match with him from IWA Mid South show and he had a lot of great things to say about you and i said that the match is available on the DVD so there was a free plug hahaha
    On the same show we had Amazing Kong on as well.